Ok, so more than just relief. I got home yesterday afternoon and my husband and I immediately went upstairs. He got my clothes off and threw me down on the bed. I knew from that instant on that this was going to be different than normal. He was being very dominant for once. This turned me on because I’ve been needing to be controlled in that way for a long time. He doesn’t always like to play like that with me because it takes too much energy on a daily basis, and he doesn’t actually like ‘hurting’ me even though that’s not what being dominated is about for me.

He held me down and I felt helpless, and my head was swimming. I couldn’t catch my breath, and I was starting to feel fear. That turned me on more than anything else. It’s hard for me to get to that place because of the amount of trust I have with him. Last night I actually had fear coursing through my veins. It was delicious.

He slapped my face, slapped my tits, held his hands around my neck, spanked my ass, swatted my pussy, held me down, and all around controlled my every move. I couldn’t have gotten away; I actually tried as hard as I could, but he kept me exactly where he wanted at all times.

At one point he actually brought me to tears – and I liked it a lot. He had licked my pussy for a while then fucked me for awhile all without letting me cum. Then he decided that I was going to suck his cock. I don’t really like the taste of pussy – that’s why I’m not completely bisexual. Anyway, I fought him…hard. It took him a few minutes, but he finally subdued me and had his pussy-flavored cock in my mouth. I was gagging on it and I was scared that I’d not be able to stop the gagging. I tried really hard to please him – I had to or face “punishment.” I cried because I couldn’t please him the way I wanted.

After that part was the closest to him I’ve ever felt. I’ve never felt more loved and desired. He held me close and rubbed my clit while kissing me and staring into my eyes. It was the most intimate moment I’ve ever had in my entire life. It was like he was playing me like a musical instrument. He would bring me close to cumming then let me come down. It lasted for 30+ minutes. The moment was simply perfect.