Last night was crazy! I was thinking today while basking in the warm glow of a tanning bed that I have gone out or partied for the last three weekends. It’s unlike me to do this, but it didn’t used to be like that. I always went out every weekend. Then I got married. Being married carries a lot of guilt for me regarding leaving my husband out. I like spending time with him and sort of let my friendships fall away.

Anyway, last night we went to see a band we both love. I have actually never gone out on St. Patrick’s Day before. Walking into that bar was like walking into an alternate universe. The people that were there were from so many different groups it was hard to take it all in. There were your typical young sluts with their pretty little boy toys. There were people dressed like leprechauns. There were men in kilts. There were scantily clad older ladies. There were young professionals. There were the “gaming” folk – wearing wizard robes and other nerd gear. There were old people, young people, kids (yeah children in a freaking bar!!!), freaks, weirdos, and everything in between.

The band we went to see is a celtic folk music group that has a VERY loyal fan base in our area. We go to most of their shows and see these people at all of them. But to see them decked out for St. Patricks day was unreal.

There is one group in particular that I love to watch. I’m convinced they are some sort of role-playing, dungeons & dragons expert, wizard-loving sex group. They are always making out with each other and grabbing each other in very sexual ways. I love seeing it! It doesn’t seem to phase any of the fans that go to these shows either. Last night I think I even saw guys kissing each other. It was kinda hot to see these people going at it like that in plain view of everyone.

I saw something last night that I’m still chuckling about today. There was a guy walking around towards the end of the night who had obviously either sat in something or pissed himself. He was oblivious to it, and kept running around and people would stare and laugh. At one point he stole one of the band member’s hats from just offstage and then went up onstage to return it. The whole crowd was laughing up a storm after seeing the back of his pants. HILARIOUS.

It was a night of intensely fun people watching. It was the best show I’ve ever seen this band give. What a great time!!!!!!!!!