I think a new definition of nasty was created last night. I went to a local bar/restaurant with two friends last night. It was still early, probably around 9pm. We were sitting there drinking and eating pizza when we noticed a seemingly homeless man walk into the bar area. He looked like the weird guy in the movie Office Space – the one with the stapler, remember? The actor’s name is Stephen Root and the character he played was Milton. Anyway, he got a beer from the bar and then tried to sit with us. We said no, you can not join us. He was being a little pushy, but he smelled REALLY bad so we were firm in our denial. So, he took a stool from the neighboring table and basically sat between the two tables and stared at us in a creepy manner. We did our best to ignore him and he seemed to start to lose interest. A few minutes he noticed a girl sitting by herself at a table nearby. Her friend had gotten up to use the restroom or something. He went over to talk to her and was standing really close to her. My friends and I decided we had to save this girl even though we didn’t know her. One of my friends went over and sat with her and started a conversation with her so the guy would leave. He did, and she was sooooo thankful that we saved her from him. Well the second she’s alone again he goes back. So we save her again and he walks away. We decided that we should tell our waitress to get the manager to ask this guy to leave. He was extremely intoxicated and acting totally inappropriately. The manager comes over and asks us what is wrong and we explain the situation and he says that if the weirdo does something again he’ll ask him to leave. By then the girl’s friend had returned and they paid for their drinks and left. So, we decided to trap the bastard. One of my friends and I got up to “go to the bathroom” and leave our one friend alone at the table. She’s a tough bitch and was itching to let him have it. So we go around the corner and watch the whole thing. As soon as we were out of sight he approached her and said, “Hey sexy, I’ve been on the road for 6 months. What are you doing tonight? I really need some pussy.” She didn’t even get to say anything back to him because the manager was standing right behind him and heard every word. The manager grabbed the guy by his jacket and said, “You need to leave. Now.” The guy tried to get away, but the bartender came and helped the manager haul him out of there. It was awesome to see, but man that guy was nasty!!!!