I went out with two friends tonight. We went downtown here in my college town and braved the masses of scantily clad undergrads and their moron boy toys with “popped” collars. We went to a place that was not as tightly packed as most bars downtown on a Saturday night. We played pool, and had a few drinks. And I actually got hit on even though I was skeptical about it. A guy who had kind of been hanging around us but not talking to us came over to me and asked if he could buy me a drink. I looked at him and laughed because I figured it was a joke. Then he said, “No really, what are you drinking?” I was kind of speechless, but I told him and he brought me my next drink. We talked for a few minutes and then I think he noticed my wedding ring (should have taken it off to go to the bar without my husband!) because he didn’t stick around very long.

My friends wanted to go dancing and dance clubs are not my thing so I decided to go home. Once I got to my car in the parking garage I decided I didn’t want to go home just yet. I had my camera in my car so I went to the top floor of the parking structure and took some pictures of the beautiful downtown area. I love my little college town, and I don’t really want to leave. It suits me here.

I was up there for about 45 minutes just taking pictures and people watching from my prime vantage point. Then my friend called and said that they didn’t like the dance club and were playing on a playground. I went and picked them up and we went to a diner for some breakfast food. I just got home and it’s after 3am.

I feel like an undergrad again!!!! Life is good.