So this morning when I was getting my taxes done my mother called. I let it go to voicemail, but when we were done with the painful tax ordeal I listened to the message and called her back. There was bad news about my grandfather. He’s been sick as long as I can remember, but he’s always pulled through. I guess he’s so stubborn he just won’t die. Anyway, he’s in the hospital again and this time the doctors say he won’t be coming out. This is my dad’s dad and the whole family is falling apart. My dad’s siblings are fighting and it just makes everything worse for everybody involved. My grandfather has a lot of money from a lawsuit back in the 90s. My dad is the youngest of four kids and is the only successful one. He’s the only one who didn’t continue to ask his dad for money his entire life. He’s the only one to go to college. He’s the only one who hasn’t been divorced (although he probably should have been a long time ago!). Basically the vultures are circling around the money now that my grandfather is about to die. It’s been really hard on my dad and his next oldest brother who is also not a leach like the oldest two.

So, I’m on my way home to North Dakota. I’m sitting in the Minneapolis airport bored, anxious, and upset all at the same time.

Plus, today I got an email about that freak of a mother from yesterday. They called the music store to try to get me fired. She said some horrible things about me. She said I was a horrible teacher and should not be allowed to teach any other students. She actually demanded that I be fired or she would contact the owner of the company. My boss was great about it. She had already talked to both the store manager and the owner of the company and they were both telling her to just cancel these people off my schedule. My boss then told the Lady that I was in fact a great teacher and have a pretty long waiting list, that people drive in from over 1 hour away for lessons with me, and that me teaching beginners is like a physician teaching someone to put on a bandaid. I love my boss!

The only thing I’m kind of bummed about is I wish I could have dismissed them before they called. Oh well.

I’m glad I’m getting away from it all for a few days. Maybe this trip will be good for me somehow. I (obviously) have my laptop so I’ll be online as much as possible cause I need all the friends I can get now. 🙂