It was really cold here yesterday, but I had fun anyway. I’m glad I check weather reports religiously and was prepared for the weather. Yesterday started out great. I got to act like a real native riding the train to work with my friend. Public transportation here is great. We did the live webcast and it went very well. I’m saving my real judgement for when I actually see it myself. I hope it was good enough to use on my CV for jobs. I think a live webcast would catch someone’s eye on a hiring committee. Speaking of jobs, I got my first rejection email yesterday. Since this is my first year of applying for academic jobs it didn’t make me sad or anything. I was kind of pleased to see what happened to one of my applications. It’s been two months since I sent it in right before the due date so I’m sure I wasn’t cut in the very first round of viewing. That’s a good sign. I could be wrong, but it’s better to think positively about this. Ok, back to yesterday. After the webcast my friend took me to an exclusive club where she is the artist in residence. It’s one of those old clubs that men belonged to. I’m not sure how else to describe it. It’s a member’s only bar/restaurant on the top floor of a well-known building in downtown Chicago. We had a beautiful view of downtown as well as the lake. Spectacular food, breathtaking view, wonderful conversation with my beautiful friend….it was special. After lunch we went to the Chicago Institute of Art to see an exhibit of French Impressionist painters including Van Gogh. I love seeing Van Gogh paintings in person because there is so much to see in 3-D.

I’m going to have to cut this short. I’ll finish later. Stay tuned.