I’ll be without my computer for three days. Actually it’s not three whole days, but actually parts of three different days including one whole one in the middle. I’m not bringing my laptop with me to North Dakota for the funeral. I’m leaving tomorrow late afternoon and returning early afternoon on Thursday. I’ll still be checking email so I’ll be able to see comments.

I’m working on a plan for the posts describing my trip and stuff going on with the implications of travelling for four weeks in a row (I have a business trip next week). I really had an amazing week last week. I learned a lot about myself and experienced some raw emotions that cannot be manufactured. I also had some AWESOME sex last night and this morning. I love my husband. He always makes me feel better.

I promise to update everyone when I get back. I also hope to be having extramarital fun soon. I need new cock!

Thank you to everyone who has been commenting. Your support means a lot to me during this rough patch.