My husband thinks I’m obsessed with sex. He’s right, but it’s not a new thing. Perhaps it’s been more highlighted lately because of my lack of sex during all the travelling I did this month. I just really like sex. It’s not just for the orgasms either. I like feeling like I give someone else pleasure. I love knowing I am the one responsible for someone else’s ecstacy. With some men I enjoy the connection I have with them, also. There is an emotional side to it then. We share parts of ourselves with one another and that is powerful. The best sex I’ve ever had in my life has been and will always be with my husband. He is the only man who loves me, and is the only man who wants me first above all others. Because I love him the sex is just better. Love is a powerful feeling, and when combined with lust the sky is the limit.

I’ve been on a business trip this weekend. The same hotel and same place I always go. This is the hotel where I took a guy back to my room and fucked him last fall. I’m surrounded by good memories from that night, but also surrounded by hundreds of men. This place is swarming with them. There is a figherfighter’s convention going on in this hotel this weekend, and it’s driving me insane! Why? Because I promised my husband I wouldn’t play this weekend. He wanted me starved for cock when I get home tonight. He’ll have his wish, but it’s been hard to behave myself. He sent me with my toy this weekend knowing that no matter how many times a day I masturbate I won’t be satisfied until I have his cock in me. I’m to the point where I’m thinking about sex CONSTANTLY. I guess you could say I’m obsessed.