I had a meeting with my academic advisor today. She suggested taking a complete break from my paper and just get back into regular practice with the goal of making a recording this summer that is more professional to include with my job applications for next year. Then I should pick my paper back up in September. She also suggested taking a class this summer and next fall. Just something to get me back on track in a school mindset. I’m floundering out here and I need to be back in the warm embrace of academia. She’s right, I really do need to be in classes in order to be a productive person. It’s what I do best. I found a class that relates at least a little bit to my dissertation topic so I think I’ll be taking that in the fall. Now I feel like I have choices, and can make this work. I didn’t know how to finish school before, but now I can see how to make it work. I’m glad we met today. I feel great about the future now.

But maybe that’s just because I get to be in school again…….