This post is a distillation of the previous, password protected post. I never intended for it to be so controversial here. I wrote it while drunk and included a lot of personal details that I could not hide or change enough. I still wanted some people to read it, and for the most part, I have given the password to those people. But, I don’t want to alienate my regular readers. You guys keep me going! So, here is a public version of the password post.

The perfect night took place on Saturday night. It did not involve sex. It did not even involve flirting of any kind. Saturday night was a magical experience with people I greatly admire. Basically I got drunk/partied with some people that I greatly admire. They treated me like an equal, and because of that I acted like I was their equal instead of being the shy wallflower I usually revert to in social situations. I was left with a sense of pride in myself, and what I do. I had more than a lot of fun. It was the perfect night.

I can’t include any of the details of the situation without compromising my identity too easily. As I’ve mentioned on here before, I’m looking for a job right now, and if a search committee were to happen upon this blog I think I’d not make it past the first round. I hope you’ll all understand.

I promise not to do password posts in the future unless I plan on giving out the password to all of my admiring fans. Thanks again for all of your lovely emails! Please comment more. The best way to gain my trust and get to know me is to comment here and chat with me on yahoo (I’m mcolini there).