Last night my husband and I met a friend at a local bar to watch a band play. This band puts on a great show and we never miss seeing them play with they are in town. My friend came with us last time they were here so when she found out they were playing again she jumped at the chance to join us.

My husband and I arrived there at about 6pm and sat down in the front area to eat supper and start drinking. The doors to the concert area didn’t open until 7:30 so I had a few drinks while we waited. By the time we got to our table in the concert area I was already pleasantly buzzed.

My friend arrived at about 8:00 and started drinking, too. This is a friend who knows about my sexual lifestyle. She was never shocked or weirded out by it either. I mention this because the night took a completely surprising turn for the better shortly after the show started (~9pm).

Both she and I were pretty drunk by then and inhibitions seemed to be diminished. She smokes when she goes out. I wish I could smoke when I go out. So, I asked my husband if it would be ok for me to smoke and he said only if my friend and I kissed. She was game so we had a nice little peck on the lips, and I had a cigarette. I really liked kissing her and was wishing we could do more.

Well the conversation took a turn to how horny she was and how she didn’t have any prospects at the time. She was lamenting the fact that she’d have to “act like a whore” to get sex. I’m not sure how I said it, but I told her that if she wanted to get laid that my husband was available. She was concerned that it would be weird for me to have my husband hooking up with my friend, but she couldn’t have been more wrong. I assured her that it would be a HUGE turn on for me to see them together. I also asked how comfortable she is with kissing and touching girls. She answered that she loves to touch and kiss girls and has done it before many times. So we offered to take her home with us. She kind of agreed and the rest of the night was spent talking about it and getting even more drunk.

My husband and I knew we were possibly doing something incredibly stupid. We’ve always said that we won’t hook up with our normal friends just because it’s risky and potentially disasterous. We also knew not to push my friend too hard or she’d be weirded out the next day even if she decided not to come home with us. We explained our rules to her: that no means no and that any of the three of us can stop at any time with absolutely no hard feelings. After we cleared that up it looked like it was actually going to happen.

We had fun talking about what we all like sexually. She even showed us a picture on her cell phone of herself naked – gorgeous! Throughout the sexual conversations she and I would kiss every once in a while each time progressively more passionate. She has really nice lips, and she said the same thing about mine. It was so hot! I knew my husband was going crazy watching us from across the table.

At one point she ran out of cigarettes so she decided to walk to the corner store to buy some more. I asked if she wanted me to come with her, but she said no. I didn’t want to push her so I let her go by herself. After she had been gone an hour I texted her to ask if she was ok, and to tell her that we had her jacket and bracelet. She said she was already on her way back. She told me had arranged for her roommate to come pick her up because she was too drunk to drive. We all left the bar then and went outside to wait for her ride to get there. While I was in the bathroom in the lobby on our way out she asked my husband if she could kiss him. They kissed for a while and then he was rubbing her feet when I came out of the bathrrom. We all went outside and sat on a bench and were kissing and touching and talking. That’s when she told us that she needed more time before having sex with us. She really wanted to, but didn’t want to make that decision when she was drunk. She didn’t want to mess up our friendship and I totally understood. It was kind of cute when she said that she has a crush on my husband. She kept saying that he is a really handsome man and stuff like that and I loved hearing that! 🙂 She has an amazing body – lots of curves in just the right places and I can’t wait to see her naked in person and touch her breasts and all sorts of other stuff. I hope things won’t be too weird after this. I will not bring it up until she does. But I will make it seem like I’m open to talk about whatever she wants to so doesn’t think I’m regretting last night. The only thing I regret about last night is that she might not be ok with today. She’ll be here all summer so who knows what will happen!