I’m taking a class during the three week interim session at my university. I’m having a blast actually being in class again. I’m back to my old self in many ways. I’m not a productive member of society when I don’t have my learning outlet. I had an awesome week. Here is a summary:

Monday – got up really really early because I had to buy my text books before my 9am class; in class until 12:30pm; went to lunch with friend from last week’s post and her mother, grandmother, and aunt; went home for 20 minutes and then went right to work; 8:30 came home and did more homework; went to bed at midnight.

Tuesday – got up early…again; went to class; went straight to work; got off work early to go to a rehearsal; went out to dinner with friends and husband; did homework; went to bed at 1am.

Exciting so far isn’t it? lol You can see why I haven’t posted since last Saturday.

Wednesday – you guessed it, got up early again. You see early for me is waking up at 7:30 am. I realize this is not early to pretty much most people in the country, but I’m a musician. 7:30am is still the middle of the night to me. Ok, back to my brilliant list of activities… after class went home and did homework and work-related emails until it was time to go to work again; after work went home did more homework; went to bed at midnight.

Thursday – more getting up early and going to class; more homework; more work; another rehearsal; then went to a friend’s house, got drunk, and watched a show called Veronica Mars on dvd; discussed the similarities of said show with Nancy Drew; waited until I sobered up and went home at about midnight; finished homework and went to bed at about 1:30am.

Friday – slept in because my class is only Monday through Thursday; went to friend’s house (same one from last week’s post) with husband and got drunk and smoked cigarettes until I had to; go to rehearsal again; then back to friend’s house for a few more hours; then home to bed around 1am.

Laptop battery is about to die so I’ll finish this later. Really I will! The weekend part was really fun with sex stories, girls kissing girls, and lots of other fun stuff!