It’s been an exhilarating week again. I LOVE being in school. Yeah, that makes me a nerd, but I’m proud of that.

To finish what I started in my last post….

Saturday: went camping with my friend, her roommate and her roommate’s fiance. The friend and her roommate made out for a few mintues. My husband “drove my friend to the bathroom” a few times meaning the toilets were very far away from out campsite and she was drunk so he drove here and while they were there they’d kiss or fondle each other or other fun stuff. He’s a lucky bastard because this girl has PERFECT tits. I fucked my husband outside next to the campfire after everyone else returned to their campsite. Went to bed and almost froze because we didn’t have enough blankets, but had a blast snuggling up to my hot husband. It was a magical night!!!

Wednesday night exchanged some racy pics on my cell phone with my friend because she sent me a pic message of her and her roommate’s naked tits touching. The picture is sooooooo awesome! So I sent them a pic of my tits. It was a fun evening.

Then this weekend I’m doing homework. I have to pretty much finish up my project for this class. But, what I’d really like to do is catch up with all my online friends. I’ve been neglecting you all!!! I’m really horny now so I should get to bed so I can masturbate before my husband comes up to bed. Then I can be nice and ready for him to “use” me. 🙂