This holiday weekend needs a new title: “Lots of hot fucking weekend.” When my husband has an extra day off from work he’s usually lazing around the house and that leads to idle thoughts which leads invariably to being horny. I was around a lot this weekend basically glued to my computer doing homework so I was an easy target for his affections.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m most certainly not complaining about the amount of sex I’m getting lately. It just messes up homework plans. It turns out that sex actually is more important than some stupid class. 🙂

Here are some highlights of the weekend:

Saturday night we took some pictures. Periodically we’ll have a “photo shoot” when I get new lingerie or are feeling like we need some new pics. Saturday I dragged him shopping and we bought me some hot new panties. He hates going clothes shopping with me because he says he always feels like people will think he’s a pervert for scoping out all the hot chicks in the store. I try to make the experience better by purchasing something just for him. Something he’ll see me in and want to take off immediately. Well, it worked.

We got home and ate then played a board game. We love board games (nerdy huh?!?) and rarely get a chance to play these days because of the class I’m taking and the large amount of students I teach every day. After the board game was over we chatted a bit with some of our online friends and then went upstairs to take the pictures.

I laid out three “outfits” and he got the lighting ready. As we took the pictures he got more and more aroused. I loved seeing how he looked at me while snapping pic after pic of me in various stages of undress. The last scene we staged involved him binding my breasts with rope. It’s pretty much the first time I’ve done that and it was awesome. The way he was treating me made me feel very helpless and extremely turned on. The pictures turned out good, I guess. I have a hard time seeing expressions of pain/pleasure on my face because they always seem to look silly to me. lol

After he unbound me he licked my pussy until I was pushing him off because I came so hard that my clit was over sensitive. Then he put me on all fours and got behind me and fucked me. He built up his pace with perfect momentum and made me cum again before he rammed his cock in one last time as his cum spurted inside me. This man is absolutely amazing……

The other store I wanted to share with you happened last night in the middle of the night. We stayed up pretty late and it was probably about 3am before I fell asleep. He came to bed shortly after I was soundly sleeping and claims he could smell that I was aroused. Yeah right! I was just sleeping. Maybe I was having a really good dream or something. Well, he woke me up with his tongue on my clit. What a delicious way to wake up in the middle of the night!!! He licked me until I came, and I almost passed out from the intensity of my orgasm. He got on top of me and started fucking me while I was still out of it. He likes that…says it makes it seem like he’s just fucking me without my permission. I certainly came to when he started shoving his cock in me with full force. I came again and could barely move when he finally shot his load inside me.

It was a great weekend even though I had to play catch up with my homework today. I would have to say that it was worth it though. Just can’t call it Memorial Day weekend anymore….