This happened last Monday, but I have been enjoying my summer and my clean house and have been very bad about blogging. There is a man I chat with from time to time. He lives very far away from me, but we chat once in a while. We chat about the most wonderful things – mainly sex, but he’s also very intelligent and fun to talk to. And he’s incredibly hot. Really fucking hot. If he lived closer to me I’d be playing with him all the time.

I was chatting with him for a while last Monday afternoon. He had sent me a few pics of his “equipment” and I was telling him how much I enjoyed them. This took place while my mother was sitting across the table from me doing sudoku puzzles.

This guy was getting me so horny I could feel how wet I was. It was almost painful how badly I wanted to just run up to my bedroom lock the door and masturbate until I felt better. But not while my parents were here.

I spent the rest of the day with my parents and that night after they went to bed I was watching tv in the living room with my husband. While sitting there I just kept thinking about my chat with my friend earlier in the day. I told my husband about it and he put his hand in my pants to rub my clit. He was surprised at how wet I was and said he really wanted to lick me. He rubbed my clit and told me to fantasize about the guy I was chatting with. He wouldn’t let me cum. He would rub my clit until I was close and then stop just before I started to cum. It was maddening! Of course it’s quite the testiment to how well he knows my body because I wasn’t making any noises and I was controlling my breathing as normal. He just seemed to know when to stop.

Next, he had me go print out one of the pics the guy had sent me. After it finished printing we went upstairs to our bedroom so he could lick me while I looked at the picture. I had to be completely silent, but it was incredible. He told me to say his name when I came. I wanted nothing more than to scream it out at that point because it just felt so good, but I just whispered it quietly. It took everything in me not to scream because it felt sooooooooooo good. My husband was extremely turned on by the whole situation. He loves knowing I’m fantasizing about another man at his request. I didn’t want to fuck because I didn’t want my parents to hear it, but he wasn’t taking no for an answer so we got on the floor and he made me look at my friend’s cock pic while fucked me hard and made me cum again before be exploded inside me.