I seem to be coasting through summer. Things are going well enough. I seem to keep myself busy even though I’m not currently working on my dissertation.

My husband and I met up with some friends this past weekend and it was pretty fun. We met a couple I met through this blog. It’s Amyelle and Tony. They are in my friends list on the right and frequently comment here. Here is a list of awesome details:

~arrived in Kansas City Friday night. Hung out for a while then went to bed.

~Saturday went to Boulevard Brewery for a kick-ass tour. AND FREE BEER.

~Bought a bunch of Boulevard beer on the way back to the hotel.

~Ate barbeque for dinner.

~Drank copius amounts of beer while playing “I Never,” a drinking game I personally hadn’t played since college. It was fun to get crazy with hot friends.

~Tony kissed me in the elevator a couple of times when we went downstairs to smoke. It was FREAKING AWESOME. Both of us are very shy so I was glad he did that.

~We all got naked and it was a ton of fun. Details? Nope. lol Gotta keep you coming back hoping I wrote about them. I’ll just say that I interacted intimately with everybody there. Amy and Tony are both hot and I enjoyed every minute of it.

It was a good weekend, and I hope I get to see them again soon.

I have been doing a good amount of partying with friends here in town, too. Tonight I went to my friends’ house after work. This is the girl my husband and I might someday hook up with but probably not. I got to see her tits tonight. AWESOME.

Right now I’m in an insatiably horny stage. I wish every day of my life was like this, but it seems to come and go for no real reason. I had sex three times within a 12 hour period between Monday night to Tuesday morning. It was awesome. I was sore all day Tuesday and still horny so we had sex last night and this morning, too. I had to masturbate this afternoon because I was chatting with a friend online and he got me horny as usual. He knows who he is… lol.

I’ll be kind of busy the rest of this week. I actually have gigs! It’s coming up on the 4th of July so that means outdoor patriotic concerts. yay. I actually hate them because it’s always so hot I feel like I’m melting. But the payoff is the fireworks.

I need to go get fucked now. ๐Ÿ˜‰