And then I get this from S….

“hey, i enjoyed our meeting today…and this is going
to come off as weird, probably, but i’m having some
misgivings. the reasons have nothing to do with you,
but rather with the fact that i’m recently single
and…frankly have gone through some periods where i
have felt kinda down and i need to make sure i’m doing
stuff i really feel good about. the d/s play is
fun…but at the same time i’m not sure it’s entirely
who i am. sometimes leaves me feeling kinda empty.
anyway…i think maybe i need to think about all this
stuff some, and also concentrate on a lot of other
stuff going on in my life. i hope you understand. we
should still chat, but maybe not move so fast….”

Whatever. What the hell does that mean? “we should still chat, but maybe not move so fast.”