…..there’s a new guy. I’m going to call him S (yes I’m going to start giving guys letters to keep them apart – it’s going to be that kind of summer). I met him through an online personals site geared towards the more rough side of sex. First, some back story. For a few months my husband and I have been experimenting with him dominating me. I have a pretty significant need to be dominated sexually. I want to please a man with my body and do whatever he asks me. We have had some really hot sessions, but I wanted to explore with someone a little more experienced.

So, I’ve been chatting with S for a few days. The other day we were chatting and he had me touching myself in all sorts of naughty ways. It was easy for him to just put me in the right head space. Then today he called me and over the course of our one hour conversation he made me cum 6 times. Yes, SIX TIMES. I usually cum once or twice. Maybe three times if I’m lucky. But 6 is probably a record for me. S had me so turned on that towards the end he could count down from 30 and make me cum at zero. I have no idea how he achieved that state of mind in me. Each time I came it was a huge surprise to me. He had me responding to him with Sir, and if I forgot I’d have to be punished. The punishment was either slapping my pussy or pinching my nipple for a certain amount of time. I could have just pretended to do the punishments, but I actually did them. I wanted to do them. Each time I cried out in pain he would ask me if I was ok. That fucking turned me on more than anything else. He would tell me I’m a good girl and then tell me to go back to rubbing my clit. It’s hard to describe here in words, but I was hanging on his every word. I have no idea why I wanted to please him so desperately, but I really liked it. I liked the way he made me feel.

I’m meeting S in person tomorrow for the first time. It’s just for coffee, but I’m still nervous. I’ll let you all know how it goes.