I love the 4th of July. I’m not overly patriotic or anything, but I do have an intense love for fireworks. I grew up in a state where it is legal to buy and set off fireworks. I have been setting them off every 4th since I can remember. Of course once I moved to the state I currently live in I’ve had to be a bit creative since they are illegal here and it’s difficult to find a good place to set them off. But even still I have my ways and it will be a fulfilling holiday. I do have to wait until the 7th to set my own fireworks off, but tonight I will be going to my city’s showing. I went a few years back and it’s a pretty good show. Last weekend I got to see lots of fireworks, too, but I was performing at the same time and really not allowed to look. It was pure torture! lol

Another reason to love the 4th…it’s marathon fuck day. My husband has declared it so. I’m not one to argue even when it’s not the most enjoyable time for me to be participating in sexual activity (I hate being a girl). I like pleasing him even if it isn’t pleasurable for me.