I feel great. I got fucked by the most amazing cock I’ve ever had – my husband’s. After no sex since last Monday I knew that I’d be sore after he got ahold of me. He came home this afternoon from a long day of nerd games (yeah he’s a nerd, I’m much cooler than him! lol) and took off my pants. Romance was thrown out the window cause I just needed to cum. He positioned himself between my legs to lick me. It didn’t take long for me to cum from his expert tongue, and he wouldn’t stop when I came even though I was twitching all over the place and pushing his head off. Such exquisite torture. After he was satisfied with tormenting my sensitive clit he pulled himself up and slammed his cock inside me. I wasn’t expecting it that soon or that quick and it hurt a little – in a good way. I love the feeling when a cock first goes inside me, the feeling of adjusting to his hardness. He fucked me hard and fast and I was cumming almost immediately and so was he. Good thing though because I’m sore now and we didn’t even fuck for longer than a few minutes. mmmmmm……I love being sore. I feel soooooo much better now. I can finally stop whining about not having sex! Yes!