We (my husband and I) met D at a coffee shop. All anxiety was all for naught because he’s a great guy. He was actually outside when we walked up and I recognized him right away. He’s quiet and nerdy in public. We sat and drank coffee for about an hour and then decided to walk around downtown because it’s actually nice outside tonight. Then we walked up to our car and my husband was the first to mention anything sexual. He basically asked D if he wanted to go to our place or his. Both guys kind of looked at me then and I just said, “I’m too shy to say anything, but I think you know what I want,” and looked at D as I said it.

D lives a few blocks away and had walked to the coffee shop so we drove him to his place and went inside. He only has air conditioning in his bedroom so we three went in there. My husband sat on a little couch and D and I sat on the bed.

There was very little time for shyness then. We were sitting side by side and D reached over and took my glasses off and set them aside in a safe place. My heart started racing immediately. He leaned over and took my face in his hands and kissed me….hard and fast and passionately. His hands roamed over my breasts and soon went under my shirt. He was just a different person that the guy I was having coffee with just a few minutes before. He was all over me and everything happened fast.

D pulled my shirt and bra up to get access to my breasts. He pinched my nipples a bit then slapped and squeezed my breasts. Then he stood me up and pulled my pants and panties off in one motion. Then he had me bend over and he started spanking me with his hand. It was the first time I was being hit by a man I knew so little about. I loved how that made me feel. He spanked hard and fast, taking breaks and switching sides. When he could tell that it was getting too intense for me he would hit me one more time then do something else. He stuck his finger in my pussy and found it to be soaking wet. He said, “wow, you’re really wet, you slut.” Actually, I had been aroused since we sat down in the coffee shop and I saw his beautiful eyes. Hearing him talk to me like that got me even wetter. He used a wonderfully soft and supple flogger on me. That only hurt once when the tips snaked around and got the side of my breast. I loved the way that felt on me.

He finger fucked me alternating with spanks for a while. Then he pushed me down on the bed on my hands and knees and went to put a condom on. He slammed his cock into me hard and I was caught a little off guard. It felt so good to be getting fucked right at that moment. His cock is nice and wide, but long, too. And he was fucking me hard and spanking my ass. Then he started whispering in my ear and calling me his whore, asking if I liked being fucked like that. He was fucking me from behind but would lean in and bite or kiss my neck or back.

He came and then came and laid down in front of me on the bed wrapping his legs up around my back and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock and licked his balls until he was hard again, and he was alternating between shoving it all the way in my mouth until I couldn’t breathe and slapping my face with it.

Then he had me lay on my back and he tied my hands and feet to the corners of the bed, and put on a blindfold. The last thing he did before he covered my eyes was kissed me with eye contact. That was so incredibly hot. Then he let me lay there for awhile while he readied some stuff that I couldn’t figure out. He came back to the bed and started to rub my clit, slap my breasts, and finger fuck me until I came really hard for him.

Next he started putting clothespins on me. I’ve never had clothespins on me before so I had no idea what to expect. It didn’t hurt at all when he put them on. He put 8 or so on each breast and then a bunch on both of my pussy lips all the way from front to back. Then he started rubbing my clit again. That caused a lot of the clothespins to pop off, and it hurt like hell and felt good at the same time.

After he had removed all the clothespins from down there he started slapping my breasts causing those to be painfully removed. He kept slapping and slapping until I just about stopped him, but he seemed to know how much I could take. Then he got the flogger out again and delivered some blows to my stomach, legs, and breasts. Absolutely loved the way that thing felt.

By then the blindfold had slipped up and I could see again. He reached over and slapped my face. He hit me so hard I almost couldn’t take more than two slaps, but managed to hold back stopping him. Then he kissed me again. It took my breath away. He climbed up and stood/kneeled over me and shoved his cock in my mouth. I could see his face the whole time, and I loved the way he was looking at me. His eyes are so beautiful.

He replaced the blindfold then, and went to grab some more things….next thing I felt was a HUGE something going in my pussy. I’ve never been so stretched and full. Then he turned on a vibrator, but wouldn’t put it on my clit. He was teasing me. It felt so good, but I couldn’t cum. He went back to flogging me and slapping my face and breasts. Then he reached down and put it on my clit briefly….still didn’t cum. Then he got down to business and let me cum. But then wouldn’t take it off my clit. It was so intense. I was going insane from the sensations. I needed him to stop, but I didn’t stop him. I came again without even wanting to. I was thrashing around and it felt soooo good and yet almost hurt, too. After I came one more time he came up and kissed me gently this time.

He untied me, took off the blindfold and helped me sit up. I was still half crazed, and I felt better than I think I ever have. That’s when my husband saw the marks D had left on my breasts and looked away. D noticed, too and came over and gently caressed my breasts and nipples and kissed me again.

We had to search for my clothes because they were strewn about the room. Once I got dressed D kissed me again and gave me a little hug/embrace and we were on our way.

I could barely walk because my legs were so shaky.

My husband and I made it to the car and I sank into my seat and just couldn’t believe what just happened to me. We talked about it, and he was obviously turned on by it, but we were both hungry so we stopped at a pub for some good beer and food.

We drank tasty Boulevard Lunar Ale on tap.* So much better than in the bottle. I was feeling so confident that I shamelessly flirted with our waiter. I feel like I can do anything right now.

No more anxiety or shyness….wow.

*Two of you know the significance of this beer….too bad you can’t get it where you live. 🙂