I had a good chat with D last night. Often when he’s online we chat about interesting topics and they are rarely about sex or Domination. We’ve discussed air force bases, philosophy, weather, pedagogy, academia, etc. The second time we ever talked we discussed what my rules were for when we decided to meet. After that we talked about our session the day after it happened, but didn’t have much time. So, almost a week later we finally got to talking about what I liked and didn’t like about last Wednesday. I find myself getting shy when talking to him because I don’t want to say the wrong things, but last night I just forced myself to say what I was thinking without wondering if it was what he wanted me to say. It really paid off because we had a lot of fun. It all started with me saying I was having a lot of fun talking about what he might do to me next time (which might be Saturday night if my bruises heal by then). Then he asked a question that always gets me turned on, “are you wet?” After that his demeanor changed and all politeness was gone. It was the same sort of change that happened when he took my glasses off at the beginning of our session last week, but he was different, too. Here’s what happened:
(Do not read if you are offended by words like cunt, whore, bitch, slut, etc.)

D 9:40 PM are you wet right now?

Mia 9:42 PM yes, very

D 9:42 PM reach down in your panties and feel for sure , bitch

Mia 9:43 PM Ok I did and yes I really am very wet

D 9:45 PM put your fingers in your mouth and lick the cunt juice off them like a good little girl

D 9:46 PM then start fingering your clit very slowly and firmly

Mia 9:46 PM ok

D 9:47 PM you’re a very dirty whore and you need to be punished- take out one of your tits, bitch- can you get your nipple into your mouth?

Mia 9:47 PM no, not quite

D 9:48 PM i bet you wish you could- suck your own tits like a horny little slut-

D 9:49 PM open your pants so you can get at your cunt and slap it for me, whore

Mia 9:50 PM ok, I did

D 9:50 PM are you spanking your filthy cunt then?

D 9:50 PM slap it very hard, bitch

D 9:51 PM you’ve been so bad your filthy cunthole needs to bespanked

D 9:52 PM smear the juice on your face too, you dirty little cock whore- I bet you need a cock real bad now

Mia 9:53 PM yes you’re right I do need a cock

D 9:53 PM rub your clit between your finger and thumb while you slap your wet pussy

D 9:54 PM if I were there right now, I’d feed you my cock, bitch

D 9:54 PM I’d take you by the hair and fuck your face hard

D 9:55 PM I’d say thats just where you belong bitch, on your knees and swallowing cock like a cheap fucking whore

D 9:56 PM suck harder you sloppy bitch- don’t stop working on that big fat cock

D 9:57 PM after you made me cum- I’d make you beg to have me shove it in your cunt-

D 9:57 PM I’d make you spread your legs, stretch your cuntlips wide to show me right where you needed it

D 9:58 PM are you still spanking your sorry cunt, whore? get on your knees while you do it-

Mia 9:58 PM yes, ok

D 9:58 PM a worthless cunt like you should get used to being on her knees-

D 9:59 PM and serving whatever cock gets shoved in her filthy holes

D 10:00 PM you should be stripped and hogtied, while a group of my friends fucks you in every hole- covering your whole quivering naked body with cum before they are thropugh

D 10:01 PM and then i would whip your ass for being such a fucking slut-

D 10:02 PM I’d whip you until you were crying and say this is just what you deserve, bitch- to be covered in starngers cum and used like a fucking whore

D 10:02 PM then I’d pull your head back hard by your hair and mount your cum covered body from behind from behind

D 10:03 PM but whoever I let fuck you, your cunt is still mine, you filthy little cock whore

D 10:04 PM now dig your fingers up inside your cunt, bitch and finger fuck your self hard while you keep working on your clit

D 10:05 PM don’t stop until you cum, you horny little slut

D 10:06 PM and when you cum- lick your fingers clean, swallow your own juices and think how much you need a cock inside you still-

D 10:07 PM think how bad you need your ass beat for being a worthless little cock whore

D 10:08 PM I’d like to strip you down, grease you up and fuck you until you couldn’t stand up, bitch

D 10:09 PM you could beg me for my cum, but all I’d do is let you lick my ass

D 10:09 PM and lick your own cunt juice off my cock

D 10:10 PM if you were very good you could lick my feet or suck on my balls

D 10:11 PM but mostly you’d just be tied down and used for your fuckholes- taking as many cocks at a time as would fit inside you –

D 10:11 PM and all the time, still begging for more like the cock hungry whore you are

Mia 10:12 PM wow, I just came for you and licked my fingers clean

D 10:13 PM great-

D 10:13 PM how was that?

Mia 10:14 PM amazing. wow.