I am sore today. Not like last time. This soreness is something I’ve never experienced. You’ll know why soon enough.

Things started off pretty much the same as last time. He took off my glasses, kissed me, and I was transported. He had such a gentle smile on his face, but once his hands were on me the gentleness was forgotten. Within one minute he got me out of my clothes while kissing me, pinching my nipples, biting my tongue (got a great pic of that), and then once my pants were off fingering my pussy. He was still fully clothed and was all over me. It’s hard to describe, but I was disoriented and a bit overwhelmed by him.

Next, he had me sit up so he could bind my breasts. He used a white rope and got them bound up, but not very tight. Then he put nipple clamps on. I had my glasses off, but I could see enough to know that he was using binder clips. I started to panic a little because that would have been way too intense for me. Luckily he used rubber bands wrapped around them to reduce the tension greatly. They hurt, but not so much that I was screaming immediately.

He grabbed his flogger and used it on my breasts while clamped and bound. The pain wasn’t bad at all. I hardly flinched. It felt pretty good, but I needed more. Be pushed me back on the bed and slapped my face until I actually made some noise finally. He flogged my stomach and tits some more then stopped to put a condom on. Before he put his cock inside me he smacked my pussy hard a bunch of times then slammed it inside me and fucked me hard. I so love this man’s cock. And the way he looks at me……wow that’s a great memory. Looking up at him while he fucked me. He had this indescribable look on his face.

Then he took off the nipple clamps and sucked on my nipples……that felt amazing! He took the ropes off my breasts and laid me back again and fingered me while rubbing my clit until I came for him. Then he had me get on all fours and fucked me while whispering stuff in my ear like, “do you like that whore?” He spanked my ass, back, and shoulders while fucking me like I was just a slut to be used. It was awesome.

It’s hard to describe how all of this flowed. It was more than just, “ok, now we are going to do this.” It was just happening, and he had me in the moment.

He had me sit up and put a blindfold on me then had me lay down on the bed while he tied my hands and feet to the bedposts. I had no idea what to expect next then I felt the huge dildo he used last time going inside me. It’s a tight fit, but it feels so good. He left it inside me and walked away for a minute. Then I heard a cigarette lighter nearby and thought maybe he had stopped to smoke. Then I felt the first drop of candle wax. It took a few seconds for it to register what it was, but then I smelled the wax. He was merciless with that wax. At first it was fine, but then the sensations sort of started to accumulate. He started moving the dildo in and out, and the pleasure was so intense…..wow.

Ok, that’s enough for now. More to come!