Ok, so I left off with the candle wax. After he had covered me in little drops of candle wax almost from head to foot he decided to get serious with the huge dildo in my pussy. He started fucking me with it so hard it hurt like a bitch. It felt good at the same time, but I was starting to panic a little. This was the closest I came to using my safeword all night. It hurt and he wasn’t letting up. Then he started rubbing my clit, too. That’s when my head almost exploded. In that moment the contrast of pain and pleasure were melded into the most pleasant experience ever. That’s what this is all about for me.

After that finished I couldn’t really move I was frozen in place and my insides were still twitching for quite a few minutes. He untied my hands and feet and removed the blindfold and then kissed me. He was really gentle and comforting, and I’m glad he was because I was on the verge of being very disoriented. After he was satisfied that I was ok he left the room and came back with a washcloth and wiped the wax off of me. That felt really nice actually. Then he sat me up and put a ball gag in my mouth.

This was one of the firsts for me. I have a really small mouth (as my dentist verified back in January if you remember that post), and I’ve always wondered if I could handle a ball gag for more than a few minutes. After he secured the straps around my head he had me get on all fours and he spanked me with his hand until I whimpered. I was trying my best not to slobber all over his bed because of the ball gag, and thus was trying not to make a sound, but he got it out of me.

Then he had me lay down on my stomach with my hands at my sides and then tied my feet together and my hands to my feet. He modified a hogtie for me because I have to be careful of my hands, wrists, and arms being a violinist and all. This part of the evening is my favorite, and part of the reason I’m so freaking sore today.

He was very forceful after he had me tied up and unable to move. He was calling me all the names, whore, slut, bitch, etc. And he reached up and pinch my nose shut so I couldn’t breathe and wouldn’t let go until my face was red and my eyes started to flutter shut. He was smacking my face, and back, and arms, and ass with his hand. My skin was starting to feel warm. He put the huge dildo back inside me then left the bed and came back with something else and started beating my ass with it. After seeing the pictures I saw that it was a paddle covered with something smooth like leather. He was smacking my ass with it and I was starting to breathe heavy. I was really getting into it. It hurt really bad, but I enoyed it, and wanted to see how far I could go. He was saying things to me and touching my face which I think he did to fake me out like he was maybe going to pinch my nose shut again.

He started pushing on the dildo that was all the way inside me again and got me to cum by also rubbing my clit. Then he grabbed something else and felt him positioning my feet so that the soles were both level with each other and perfectly side by side. Suddenly I felt a strong smack to the soles of my feet. I had no idea what it was but it was much narrower than the thing before. From the pictures I can see that it was a yard stick. Well, I flinched and moved my feet, but he put them back where he had put them and smacked them a few more times before turning the yardstick on my ass. This is the most intense ass beating I’ve ever felt, but it wasn’t so much that I felt like I had to stop. The yardstick worked it’s way up my back from my ass then back down all the way to my feet again. He worked that thing for a long time and I almost stopped him when he tried hitting the palms of my hands. I pulled them under me in fists and he didn’t say anything so I think he knew that that was too far.

Time for another break….be sure to come back, the ending is the best part.