In my life I have had more male friends than female friends. The female friends that I have had were all needy and not good about actually being there for me when I needed a friend. In theory I guess they are real friends, but in practice I’m left alone to deal with my problems.

So, do men make better friends? Not exactly. Some of them do, and I’ve been lucky to have a lot of wonderful men in my life. Now that I’m married there are fewer male friends in my life and that makes me sad. It’s as if all my guy friends suddenly distanced themselves from me when I announced I was engaged all those years ago.

This whole “lifestyle” that my husband and I are exploring has put me back into a position where I can comfortably have male friends again. Of course, they are mostly online and non-face to face friends, but they are there for me just the same. And, I may have sex with these male friends, but isn’t that the fun part anyway? I think it’s really hot to think that I could attract someone sexually that really enjoys being my friend, too. And no, I do not believe that lust+friendship=love. I need more guys to hang out with. They are so much easier to understand because their motivation for most things is more in line with my own since I think about sex all day every day just like they do.

What do you all think? Can women and men be friends that have sex and not be in love? Do you make better friends with women or men? Do you have supportive friends? unsupportive friends?