currency in my house. Neither my husband, nor myself like to put up the clothes after doing laundry. He often does a few loads on Saturday mornings when I am working. The problem is by the time I get home from work all the clothes are laid out on the bed so as to not get wrinkled. Now, it wouldn’t take much additional work to put the clothes on hangers and put them in the closet. It’s literally three feet away from the bed. So, I don’t hang up the clothes either because I get pissed that he NEVER (ok, maybe once or twice) hangs them up without me helping him, but I often hang them up all by myself. Today we did laundry together and folded towels together and I hung up all other clothes by myself while he was hanging out online. I was happy to do it because I really wanted to get the laundry finished. Now he’s being really nice to me. Whoever hangs up the clothes in this house is deemed the hero by the other. We’re pitiful! lol