Yesterday I experienced something new. It’s hard to describe, but it involves a woman dominating me. I’m not bisexual, but I do enjoy doing stuff with women from time to time. Who doesn’t love breasts?!??!!?

My husband invited our friend A over for some fun. I’d never met her in person before, but he’d played with her before. In fact, the night I fucked the guy I met in the bar when I was out of town on business (post somewhere in the November 2006 archives) they were together when I called to ask for permission to proceed. Anyway, she got here a little before I got home from work so when I walked in I “caught” them in the act. That was awesome. 🙂

They played for a while while I watched and then we all went out for dinner together. We had a good time hanging out and eating. When we finished we came back to our house and watched a little tv while A and my husband kind of made out on the couch. I was enjoying it immensely. We went upstairs to the bedroom and they got naked and started in again. I had just planned on watching. I never get to just sit back and watch, and it’s something I really enjoy. We hardly ever get to play with just a woman (as opposed to a couple) and it’s something I love to do. I love to see my husband licking, kissing, fondling, caressing, fucking another woman. I love knowing exactly how it feels when he sucks on her nipple and fingers her clit.

Well, after he gave her a few orgasms they made me get naked, too. I was hesitant, but they were not taking no for an answer. I laid down on the bed and they each took one of my nipples in their mouths while my husband rubbed my clit. It was amazing, simply amazing. My husband moved down to lick me after a while and A continued to play with my nipples. After I came I was a bit dazed and A turned to my husband and said, “she has some pretty submissive tendencies.” That was not a surprise to either of us (lol). She seemed to enjoy this revelation and started to act a little more forceful with me. My husband had me get on my hands and knees and he spanked me a bit while A continued to touch me all over. After he had spanked me for a few mintues he shoved his cock inside me from behind. He fucked me hard until I came hard enough to squeeze him out of me.

Then, after a bit, my husband started to finger fuck me while A choked me a bit and pinched my nipples really hard. She was really hurting me, but I didn’t ask her to stop because I liked it and needed it. She would run her fingernails over my skin and it felt like electricity shooting through me. The whole time we had our eyes locked on each other. I was swept away in felt like I was floating. Everything just felt so incredibly good. She could tell I was close to cumming and she whispered in my ear to cum and cum hard. That, combined with my husband’s expert fingers, sent me over the edge and I came so hard my whole body shook.

This isn’t going to be a one time thing. She will come back over and she wants to dominate me. We chatted on yahoo later that night once she had gotten home, and she told me that she’s never been that turned on by a woman before. She really enjoyed our time together. Hell, we all really enjoyed our day of playing. I’m excited to see what happens next with her. she’s a great lady and absolutely hot in bed. I forgot to mention earlier that she squirts when she cums. I’ve never seen that in person before, but wow it’s amazing. She cums to fast and so easily. I had a blast just watching my husband make her cum over and over and over. I think she and my husband are making plans for our next meeting. I am so turned on by the fact that they are planning something and I don’t know what’s going to happen. This is definitely something new…