I had a great week. I started my new job. I started the class I’m taking. Things are good.

I have an awesome husband. He’s been an absolute sweetheart. We’ve been having some fun times together.

I’m having a tough time writing here. After my last session with D I had to re-evaluate what I’m looking for with the BDSM play. I still enjoy it, but I needed to slow things down a bit. It has been difficult to ask for things in that realm because I’m still figuring out how to be a submissive and also ask for things. I am getting better though and have had several good talks with D about what else I’d like to try and what isn’t working for me. One thing we’ve been talking about is him finding about 4 guys to all fuck me in a gang bang. I guess I hate that term though. Just don’t like the words I guess. lol It is, however, something I’ve always wanted to experience. I’ll keep you posted.

This weekend was fun and busy in a good way. Friday afternoon and evening I went out with a friend and my husband joined us part way through. Had some good drinks and food. Was a good night. Then on Saturday night I had a party on my patio. It was a fun group of people and i had a blast until my one friend got wasted and wouldn’t shut up. At about 12:30am I had to go to bed because I couldn’t take her talking anymore. I mean, this girl just can’t take a hint. People didn’t stay much longer and my husband came upstairs and spanked me. It was very intense and I don’t want to talk about it.

Then today we fucked twice and I came a total of 7 times…..yeah, 7. That’s an incredible number of times for me. It was an awesome day.

I’ll get back into the habit of posting again. Now we just have to get Joe to post again…..been missing for a long time and I’m missing him.