my blog and my readers. Sorry about that. I’ve been insanely happy the past few weeks. I had a moment while I was driving to work last week where I realized that I’ve gotten to do so many of the things I used to dream about. Things I used to wish with all my heart I’d get to do someday. Every time I have a gig – wedding, or banquet or anything like that – I stop and enjoy the feeling I get from dressing up and performing at a special occasion. There is something about the way it feels to walk in with my instrument and music stand. I also get that feeling when walking in the stage door before an orchestra concert. Especially if it is cold or raining. Then I feel like I’m in a movie. Kind of cheesy I know. lol

Another thing I’ve been enjoying is teaching at the college I just started at. The first time I got referred to as Professor I got goosebumps. Now, technically I’m not actually a professor yet because I’m just an adjunct instructor, but still it was awesome. I’ve got a lot of great students, and the facilities are fantastic. Nothing better than being treated with respect.

Sexually, it’s a different story. I’ve been a bit conflicted. I think that writing about my BDSM experiences on this blog was a bit of a bad idea. I feel like I have to hold back so I don’t lose readers. I know it’s definitely not a mainstream sort of thing. On the other hand I have lots of thoughts about my experiences that I need to write down. I’ve been writing stuff in an actual journal for now until I figure out how to write about it here.

Right now I’ve been wanting to find a man who will take his time and just pleasure me until my head spins. On the other hand I also want to find a man (or woman in the case of A) who can control me mentally and physically. Someone who can make my head spin by making me submit to them completely. Ok, now I’m veering into the BDSM talk again… to stop that. lol