I have really started to miss Joe from Sharing Dee. I am going to make a list of reasons why I miss Joe being around his blog, my blog, the rest of the blog world.

– I love reading his posts! Can’t get much simpler than that. His was (and kind of still is although there are never new posts) the first blog I read when logging on. It was a guaranteed good read whether it was a hot story about their latest date night or just about some random topic that caught his fancy.

– I love seeing the pictures he takes.

– I love getting comments from Joe on my blog. It always made me feel honored and special when he left a comment over here.

– Somewhat less noble, but true: I miss the traffic I used to get from his blog. I am assuming that some of you that still stop by here originally came from his blog and thank you for that. But when he was posting regularly I got even more people clicking over from his page.

– I’m dying to know what’s up and how he and Dee are doing.

– It’s one of only a few blogs that my husband reads… and he’s pouting a little bit over it.

– Did I mention I like to read what Joe writes?

– I miss my friend.

There you have it, my not so profound list of reasons I miss Joe from Sharing Dee. If anyone else also misses him please leave a comment. Maybe he’s still reading blogs secretly….. Joe, are you out there?