I met with D again last night. After the last session I seriously considered not seeing him again. BUT after last night I am sooooooooo glad I did see him again. I’m feeling awesome today. I’m sore and moving slow, but I love that feeling right now.

I picked him up a little after 8pm and drove him to my house. It’s been exactly a month since I saw him last so I was a little bit nervous. We got started right away after getting to the house. My husband took pictures and little video clips throughout the night.

He started by taking off my glasses, which I absolutely love. It puts me right into a submissive frame of mind, because until that moment I’m usually my sarcastic funny self and probably making a lame joke about something. He set my glasses on the shelf and immediately grabbed me and kissed me forcefully. I was wearing a tube top with no bra and slid that down and started pinching my nipples really hard…I almost had to stop because it was too much too fast, but he figured it out and backed off a little. He got me out of the rest of my clothes and pushed me down on the bed so I was on all fours and started spanking me. This time was intense from the start. He spanked me for what seemed like forever and I was getting close to making him stop, but I pushed through it. That is part of why I like getting beat by someone. I like to see how far I can go. After a while it actually starts to feel good, too.

He put a collar on me attached to a leash and put me on the floor on my hands and knees. He started spanking me with a wooden paddle that hurt like a bitch. After a bit of that he put a condom on and started fucking me. My ass was red and sore and as he fucked me it felt like I was still being spanked. While he fucked me he would reach around and pinch my nipples really really hard and continued to spank my ass. After he made me cum the first time he pinched them again and it hurt so much I started to cry. My state of mind at this point is hard to describe. Everything was so intense I just couldn’t help but cry. I think he was trying to get me to that point, too because he kept having me turn my head so he could see my face. I must stress here that I was not crying because of anything bad or that I asked him to stop and he wouldn’t.

Next he had me lay flat on my stomach on the floor and he spanked me again for a long time. I know I started crying again during that, too. He had me roll over onto my back and sort of sat on my face or rather squatted over my face and made me suck and lick his balls. He pushed both of his balls in my mouth at the same time and started pinching my nipples again and it was all I could do to not bite down at that moment. He’s brave to do something like that. Or foolish….lol. This part of the night was when I felt the most humiliated (which is something I was wanting). He made me suck his toes and lick the bottom of his foot. Then he rubbed my wet slit with his heel and made me lick my juices off.

Then we took a break. He went outside to smoke (lucky bastard) and I got up and lay down on the bed. I was feeling really tired at that point. I was as tired as I usually am after an entire evening with him. I was laying on my stomache because my ass was on fire and I just laid my head down in my arms.

He came back from downstairs and started spanking me again. This time he was more on top of me and holding me in place while he spanked my ass. He got me up on my knees and fucked me some more. It felt so good right then. I needed to have him inside me and boy did it ever feel good. Then he started doing what made the night absolutely perfect. He would finger my clit or kiss me gently then hurt me again by spanking or nipple pinches while he shoved his cock in me. He kept going back and forth with that and it made me so emotional and it was really easy for him to make me cum in that state.

He took another short break and when he came back he bound my breasts in rope then had me lay on my side while he tied my feet to my hands. My memory of this part of the night is already a bit fuzzy because I was floating through most of it, but while I was tied up like that he whipped me with a big soft flogger that was nice and thuddy. And with some evil little whip thing that stung like hell. He interspersed that with rubbing my clit and fingering me to make me cum.

Then he put on a rubber glove grabbed some lube and tried to fist me again. He went nice and slow and it hurt only at the last moment when he couldn’t quite get all the way in. He tried a few times and got further in each time, but still not all the way. He made me cum at least twice while trying to get inside….I really want to know what it feels like with a fist up inside me because even though he didn’t get all the way in it felt really good when he touched up there as much as he could. He was rubbing my clit while he was up there and it felt so incredibly good. It was like the feeling I get when I’m masturbating and trying not to cum – that hot/electric feeling of no return. When I came with his hand in there it was so intense. It made me shake all over – I was totally out of it.

He got up and grabbed something; I wasn’t looking because I was pretty much not able to lift my head at this point. He put a ball gag in my mouth and fastened it behind my head. Then he took the ropes off my breasts because they can only be bound for so long. This next part was so out of character for how our interactions usually are that I was completely surprised. He slid some sort of vibrator inside me and then laid down on the bed and sort of snuggled in behind me. He rubbed my clit for awhile then slid his cock inside me and fucked me. It was a different than before. He was touching me in an almost affectionate way. I’ve never been fucked in that position before. It feels really good to have him up against me like that. He was rubbing my nipples and pinching them lightly and in a pleasant manner.


he started spanking and whipping me again for a bit.


went back to fucking me nicely and passionately. He kissed my neck and back and nibbled on my ear. He paused to rub my clit and finger me and make me cum.

He went back and forth between the pain and the pleasure a few times and I had my eyes shut when he got up and then I felt a tapping on the ball gag and someone whispered (D or my husband I don’t know who) open your eyes. D was standing there and my husband was kneeling down in front of him sucking his cock. It was so awesome to see. I knew my husband was really wanting to suck a cock and this was the first time he had gotten the chance. D is bi and was more than happy to oblige my husband’s request. My husband came over and kissed my lips as they were wrapped around the ball gag. It was a nice moment….

Then D came back over and fucked me some more – I wanted it to last forever. I have never felt like that ever in my entire life. It was such a release to go from pain to pleasure so many times. I have no idea how much longer D would have gone if my husband hadn’t noticed that my hands were slightly purple from being tied up. I didn’t even notice…probably because of all the endorphins floating around in my head. D quickly got the ropes off because he is very careful about my hands. Then it was over.

It took me a few minutes to recover then I got up and put on some clothes and we drove D home. I was in no condition to drive. When we walked down the stairs to leave my legs were so shaky I could barely walk. It was the perfect feeling.

My husband and I talked on the way home and he told me that he had been chatting with D and they had planned the part where my husband sucked D’s cock. I must admit that I like VERY MUCH that my husband chats with him and they plan stuff like that. It wasn’t alot but I hope they do it more.

When we got home my husband needed to “reclaim” me and fucked me. It hurt pretty bad after all the fucking and the fisting, but it felt good to have HIM inside me. I needed some nice touches and stuff to get my head back on straight. My husband is amazing. Last night was amazing and I was on top of the world last night. I know that I will probably get depressed today. I always do after seeing D. But it will pass…..

Oh, and in other news….. I’m going to get gang banged on October 13th. There will be three guys plus D and my husband. D is setting everything up and even has an entire page of rules typed up for the guys. More on that later if anyone is interested.