I just had my first threesome with two guys. It was awesome!!!!

I had no idea to what capacity I’d be participating tonight. It was hard to reconcile in my head that my husband was going to be sucking my Dom’s dick. Even D said he had no idea what to expect when I exchanged IMs with him this afternoon.

We all three got to my bedroom and D took off his clothes and my husband had him lay down on the bed. He started sucking D’s cock right away and all I could do was basically stand there and enjoy it. After a few minutes D reached his arms out towards me. I came over to the side of the bed hesitantly…I didn’t quite know what he wanted. He reached for my head and pulled me in for a long passionate kiss. Quite opposite from the kisses I’m used to from him.

Ok, I have to admit something to you right now….I have to write this post tonight before my husband will lick my pussy and I’m so fucking horny right now!!!! Ok, back to writing…..

I went over and sort of laid down next to him on the bed and he pulled me close again and kissed me then he kissed my neck and I was kissing and nibbling on his, too. I actually left a few hickies on him accidentally…he’s really pale and it didn’t take much.

He played with my breasts and pinched my nipples a little, but nothing even as close to as hard as he does when he’s trying to hurt me.

After a little bit my husband motioned for me to join him in sucking D. We took turns for a bit before D pulled me back up to kiss me again. Then I went back down and my husband and I exchanged a long kiss before both sucking and/or licking D’s cock together. That was so hot. I love the feel of my husband’s lips….they are big and soft and it was nice to feel them there on D’s hard cock with my own lips and tongue.

And again D pulled me up to kiss him. He was holding me tight and kissing whatever part of me he could. I could tell he was getting closer and closer to cumming. I knew my husband really wanted to taste his cum and boy did he ever get to. I can’t even explain the awesome feeling when D came in my husband’s mouth. So. fucking. hot.

D took a quick smoke break and came back in with a mission. He grabbed his big heavy leather flogger out of his bag and laid me back on the pillows and started flogging my tits, my legs, my pussy lips, my stomach….then he spread my pussy lips and flogged my bare clit. I was in heaven. I didn’t even expect him to do anything like that tonight and there I was getting a nice beating. He rolled me over so I was laying on my stomach and started flogging my ass and back and legs. The big flogger he has doesn’t hurt all that much. There isn’t much of a sting factor so especially on my ass and back it didn’t hurt at all.

He switched to spanking me with his hands and it really started to hurt. I had my face buried in a pillow….a pillow that D had been laying on just a bit before. It smelled like him and that was so fucking awesome! To have his smell in my nose while he was beating me made it more intense and I can’t even desrcibe the feeling.

After my ass was good and hot I felt something cool and flat being placed on one of my ass cheeks. Then the cold flat object was slapping against my skin….hurt like a bitch. It was nice that it felt cold at first though…a nice bit of contrast. I found out later it was a tool for spreading cake frosting. Anyway, he beat my ass, pussy lips, and legs with that thing and I loved it. He did also intersperse pleasure with the pain and made me cum a few times by rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy. At one point he brought me to orgasm by rubbing my clit while he hit me with the metal thing….one of my best orgasms ever!

Then he went back to the flogger. I love the big thuds of that thing when it hits me. Then all of a sudden he started hitting me way harder. It was like he was throwing his whole body into it or something (D is a very thin guy…not much to him). Apparently my husband had told him to hit me harder. I didn’t know that until afterwards though. Anyway, this flogging almost brought me to tears. It was intense and I loved it.

My ass must have been really red because both guys were sitting there admiring how red it was (I’m really tan from going to a tanning bed so a red ass is an accomplishment). My husband announced that he needed to fuck me and wanted me to suck D’s cock while he did. D lay down and I got his cock in my mouth while my husband got behind me and fucked me. My husband ordered me not to let my mouth leave D’s cock. That was hot…. 🙂 He fucked me a bit and made me cum…it was all I could do not to bite down on D! lol Then after my husband came inside me I kept sucking and licking D’s cock and then his balls until he started to cum…my husband made him put it in my mouth so I caught most of the cum. What I didn’t catch, D fed to me off his fingers. Then he pushed my head down so I could lick up the remaining cum off of him.

And that’s where we stopped. I have to get up at 6am tomorrow and D gets up for work every morning at 5 something so we had to stop. My husband and I drove him home and when we got back I started writing this…..

Ok, I have a picture to put with this post, but it will have to wait for tomorrow…I need my pussy licked!!