I’m pouting. Ok not really. Yesterday my husband contacted D all on his own to meet up with him. I was out of town on business. So now my husband is seeing my Dom for fun on the side. That’s fucking hot. I asked my husband to write a guest post for the blog, but he’s kind of resisting. Maybe if a lot of readers express interest in hearing about how much fun they had he’ll be more apt to post. He does read this blog, which should be obvious to those of you who read the comments…he’s “yur mr.”

I got home at about 7 and my husband had the charcoal all ready to throw some steaks on. How nice is that!? It was awesome. Also, while I was gone this weekend, my new toy arrived. We just spent the last hour playing around with it. Damn is that thing powerful! Maybe it’s because it’s new, but this one is stronger than the one from last week. I had another violent almost surprise orgasm. It’s not the best orgasm I’ve had, but definitely the most sudden. I’ve got to make sure I don’t use it very much. I don’t want to desensitize myself. It would totally suck if I got to a place where the only thing that made me cum was a freaking vibrator.

It’s good to be home….it was a rough weekend of very stressful performances. I’m starting to get nervous about a few things, one of them being the gang bang next Saturday. It’s a good nervous though…..

Don’t forget to leave your love for my wonderful husband if you’d like to hear about his fun with D last night.