Today I am sore. All over sore. Sore for the best kind of reasons. And yes that is reasons plural. My ass is sore from being flogged, spanked, and paddled. My arms are sore from holding uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. My pussy is sore from being flogged and fucked. My clit is sore from being slapped, rubbed, licked, hitachied (is that even a word?), and generally abused.

I couldn’t feel better either. I was a total slut last night. I’m proud of that fact, too. Sure, I was shy at first, but again, once my clothes came off I was a horny slut who couldn’t get enough cock.

I got gang banged last night in case any of you reading this are new to the blog. I’m going to have to make this post in multiple parts because there is just too much to write all at once. Plus, then you’ll have to keep checking back to see if I put up a new post. 🙂

We picked D up at 5:30 and then drove to the city where we had reserved a hotel room. It was a bout a 30 minute drive. Actually, it seemed like 2 hours because nobody talked. My husband was driving with D in the front seat while I sat in the back. I was too nervous to make small talk. I think D was nervous because he thought my husband still hadn’t told me about their fun together without me last weekend. My husband usually doesn’t ever start conversations. We just sat there…..

During the drive I just kept trying to tell myself not to worry. I was worried that I would let D or my husband down. I think I was most worried about being able to please that many guys. That along with all the things that people worry about with a new sex partner. Hell, I still get nervous to have a session with just D so expecting three new guys was hard for me to wrap my head around.

We got to the hotel and I went inside to check in. D followed me in and my husband sort of waited outside. I was really nervous and I’m sure the clerk was wondering what the hell was wrong with me because I probably looked like I was dreading something horrible that was about to happen.

My husband came in right as I was handed the keys and we all three left the lobby area together. I’m not sure if it was conspicuous, but it sure felt like it to me.

We got to the room, which was right off the elevator meaning a high traffic area….lol hope nobody heard my screams. 🙂 We walk in and sit down while D calls the other three guys to let them know the room number. BUT he could only get ahold of one of them. Damn. One’s cell phone had been shut off and the other must have given out the wrong number. Well, the one guy that came, T, arrived at about 6:30, right about when D was about to get things started with me alone for a few mintues. That was his original plan anyway, but we were all still fully clothed when T arrived.

No problem though because after a few awkward introductions, D came over and took off my glasses. That’s his signal that things are starting and to stand up and let him take off my clothes. I love how that makes me feel. I know I’m just repeating myself from every other time I’ve ever met with D, but I just can’t stress it enough. When he came to my jeans I actually kind of made a joke, which I’ve never done during a scene before. He always goes to unbutton my jeans and I always say or motion that they will just slide off (I have no hips or much of an ass so my pants pretty much just fall off). So, after reminding him that they just slide off I said, “but you should know that by now.” Ok, so that seems really insignificant, but it was important to me because I actually felt comfortable enough to say anything. I usually don’t speak at all during a scene with D. All I do is scream, wimper, moan, etc.

Once my clothes were in a pile on the floor D kissed me while his hands roamed all over my body. We were still standing and since he’s actually taller than me (my husband is the same height as me) it really turned me on. I fantasize about kissing tall men. Next, D put me on all fours at the edge of the bed and started flogging me. After he got my ass and back good and warm he started fucking me. I heard my husband tell T to get on the bed so I could suck his cock.

The next thing I know there is a cock in my face so I put it in my mouth and start working on it. It was absolutely awesome! T’s cock was amazing and just got bigger and bigger. I wasn’t able to use my hands because I was on hands and knees so I did my best to take as much of T’s cock as I could while getting fucked hard by D.

Then T and D switched. By this time my arms were shaky and couldn’t really support me anymore so D lay down in front of me so I could have easier access to his cock. I felt T’s cock slide into me for the first time and it was one of the most amazing feelings. I have never felt so full with a cock inside me. He’s as wide as my husband and even longer than D for those of you who have seen pictures of both. T fucked me slowly at first then really started slamming into me. It was a little painful, but felt good at the same time.

I feel like I’m leaving out a lot of stuff. I know D had made me cum by fingering me before T fucked me, but I don’t remember where that fell into the sequence. I also don’t remember if T made me cum when he was fucking me. I think I’ll pause here. I have the pictures to help me remember most things so I’ll go through those before picking up here tomorrow.

Remember, as always with long posts like this, that comments motivate me to keep writing installments. I so appreciate those of you who comment here. I love you!!!