I have been meaning to get the sequel post up from last weekend, but a few things have sidetracked me. One was my mother flying in for a visit this weekend. It was an uneventful visit, and it confirmed to me even more that I don’t really like spending time with her. She’s not a fun person, she’s not interesting, she’s closed-minded, she’s far too religious, and did I mention she’s closed-minded? She’s finally gone home now so I can get my life back on track. I have to act so fake when she’s around. I have to hide so much of my life and so many of the things in my house – from putting passwords on both of our computers so she doesn’t come across anything “smutty” to putting away all the sex toys and porn we had scattered through the house.

Something very sad has happened. There’s been a death in my blog family. Yes….Sharing Dee is gone forever. Joe put up a small explanation, but it’s not enough for me. This man and the remarkable relationship he has with his wife was a huge catalyst in my evolution to the way I live now. His blog was one of very few that my husband read regularly…and that’s saying something because my husband won’t even read my blog if the post is too long. Joe’s support kept me posting when I thought nobody was even reading here. He brought me tons of traffic by putting a link up on his blog. That made me feel really good. That he liked my writing enough to advocate for people coming here to read what I have to say. His departure has made me rethink why I blog and how I can continue to keep people reading. Just so you know: I am NOT considering leaving. I like having this outlet to relate my fun times. I have NOBODY else to tell this stuff. I need to tell someone.