I left off with T fucking me from behind while I was sucking D’s cock. I must admit that T’s cock felt absolutely amazing inside me. I remember when I was sucking it that it suprised me that it got bigger and bigger even though it was already huge. While T’s cock was slamming into my pussy I couldn’t help but scream with pleasure. D had also spun around and started pinching and swatting my nipples. The combination of pain and pleasure felt so good I couldn’t contain myself. I was trying to keep it down because people could surely hear me. At one point my husband actually shushed me. I knew I must have been just way too loud because he has never shushed me before. He loves to hear the noises I make when I’m getting fucked or beat (or both, lol). After what seemed like an hour of getting fucked by T we all finally took a bit of a break.

Next D tied me up. I was on my back with my hands and legs tied to the corners of the bed. He also bound my breasts. I love the way I look when I’m tied and bound like that. D started getting his tools ready and then started in on me. He was hitting me with a wooden spoon that he knows I really hate. I guess that will teach me to comment on which things I like better than others! lol I love and hate that thing. Such an inexpensive item and yet it inflicts so much pain when used on my pussy lips and inner thighs. After I was in a haze of pain and not really opening my eyes anymore. He got out the cake frosting spreader which I hate even more! Ok, not hate, but love/hate. I was having a tough time keeping quiet enough so T knealt over me, put his cock in my mouth and fucked my mouth while D kept up with the slaps and swats on my legs, pussy and nipples. Then with T still on top of me with his cock in my mouth D started fucking my pussy. I really like the way it felt to have him inside me while my skin was still tingling from being beat. With each thrust I could feel where he had hit me. (I’m getting really turned on just writing about this now…. might have to pause here to go masturbate quickly 😉 )

Ok, that’s better. They fucked me while my husband took some pictures. When they were finished they took a break again, leaving me tied up. I kind of liked being tied up when they were taking a break. It made me feel even more submissive than before. I like the feeling of being used like that.

Then T came over and started rubbing my clit with his finger while gently rubbing one of my nipples. It felt really really good, and I came after only a little bit. My husband was sitting right there and was telling me that I had to ask T when I could cum for him. When I was ready to cum again I asked T and he made me wait only a little (which is good because I’m not always good at waiting) and then told me to cum. That was really nice. I was hoping at that point to have T fuck me again, but I was a little out of it and in a bit of a daze and I’m not quite sure what happened next.

The next part I do remember is having D on top of me fucking my face while my husband used our hitachi on me. I have a love/hate relationship with that thing. The vibrations are so intense that it’s almost too hard to take sometimes. Having the hitachi on my clit while being tied up was incredible. My husband also put a finger in my pussy so I had his finger on my g-spot with the hitachi on my clit and D’s cock in my mouth. When I came I very nearly passed out. It was so intense and my whole body was shaking. I just can’t even describe how good it felt.

I’m stopping here because I have to go to class now. I’ll keep going this afternoon with a part three. Enjoy!