After I came really hard from the Hitachi the guys let me recover a bit while D untied me. After a bit of rest D brought out the collar, leash, and ball gag. He fastened the collar around me and put the gag in my mouth then motioned for me to get on my hands and knees on the floor. He had a big wooden paddle and was “urging” me to crawl forward by swatting my ass with it. I was instantly in a lot of pain. I had already spent the better part of an hour on my hands and knees on the bed so the muscles in my chest hurt from supporting me not to mention my knees…I can’t handle being on my knees for very long in general. The floor of the hotel was very unforgiving; there was no padding under the carpet. But I persisted and tried to go as long as I could before wussing out. I had never come to any limit with D where I had to stop things myself. He always knows when things are too much and backs off. Since I was gagged it was harder for him to figure out what was wrong, but after he fucked me for a bit on the floor like that he could tell something wasn’t quite right because I actually said, “stop,” through the gag. He immediately took the gag out of my mouth. He had a concerned look on his face and I just said, “I can’t be on my knees anymore.” He helped me sit on the floor; I couldn’t really move much at this point. Once I was off my knees I was ok though. I was, however, very disappointed in myself for having to stop something like that. I know that it is necessary to stop when things are too much for me, but it still feels a bit like failing. At least I know how he will react when I do tell him something is too much.

While I was on the floor with D I heard my husband as T if he was bi and when T answered yes my husband asked if he could suck his cock. So, after I had the gag out of my mouth and was recovering from being on my knees D told me to get on the bed and suck T’s cock with my husband. We took turns with T’s cock in our mouths while the other kissed and licked his balls. I love sucking cock with my husband like that. T’s cock is fun to suck and we both enjoyed it very much. While we were sucking D got behind me and pulled me up on my knees and started fucking me from behind. T really loved seeing that because he started touching my head and back and generally moaning more.

My neck was getting sore because I still had the collar on and after we finished I just laid my head down on the bed because I couldn’t move it anymore and D came and took it off and rubbed my neck a bit before pulling me up and kissing me.

It was time for another break. This time T noticed he had a message on his cell phone and had to leave because of something with his daughter. Bummer. Now this gangbang was down to a threesome and it was still early – only about 8:30. After T left we decided that we should probably eat something since none of us had eaten supper. D ordered us a pizza and we sat around and chatted while waiting for it. I just sat there on the bed naked while the guys had put on their pants. I thought that was funny for some reason. After we ate we got started again with something completely new to all of us.

A friend of D’s had told him he should try using a wet towel to flog a submissive. After he told us about this my husband thought it would be awesome if D tried it on me. That’s right I said wet towel. D went to the bathroom and came back with a damp towel. He leaned over and took off my glasses again and told me to lay on my stomach with my backside propped up on my knees. He started lightly, swinging the towel on my back. It felt very interesting. It hurt, but I felt a cool sensation at the same time from the water turning into mist on contact. He started to get a little more vigorous and I was nearing my limit almost right away. That thing was evil. In a good way of course. I was having a difficult time keeping my legs spread. I kept trying to close them to escape the towel on my more sensitive bits. Of course D and my husband noticed this so D motioned for my husband to come and hold my legs open. This was one of the best experiences I had that night. I felt like they were in complete control of me and I relished every blow from the towel. It hurt a lot, but I was able to take more because my husband was holding me down.

After we finished with the towel I was just lying on the bed pretty exhausted and sore and loving the way I was feeling. D was lying down near me and started to almost absent-mindedly rub my pussy lips. He was just playing with the lips while we lay there in silence. This was so nice at that point because I was quite sore down there from everything up until then. He worked his way inside and started rubbing my clit gently at first then more firmly. All of a sudden he stopped and started to swat my pussy and the surprise of it all was intense. He started alternating between gentle touches and slaps and pinches. He started fingering me while rubbing my clit and I could tell he wanted me to cum. I didn’t resist and after a minute or so I was cumming for him again.

I know there are lots of parts above and in the previous two posts where I left off my orgasms. The reality of it is: I don’t remember how many times I came, but it was more than ten for sure. I came when D fucked me, when T fucked me, when I was tied up and D was flogging/beating me, when T fingered me, with the hitachi on my clit, when D fucked me while I sucked T, while being flogged with the towel D fingered me and I came, etc. I just don’t remember how many times it was, but it was a lot.

After D made me cum with his fingers he came and lay down so I could suck his cock. My neck was still sore so it didn’t last long before he rolled me over and my husband came to fuck me while D jerked his own cock and I licked and sucked his balls. D was kneeling above me facing my husband. This part was so hot! Especially when D came all over my chest and face then leaned down to kiss me while pushing some of the cum that had landed on my cheek into my mouth with his tongue. Seeing that made my husband cum immediately inside me. He had planned to shoot it all over me, too, but couldn’t contain himself. 🙂 I love knowing that he likes fucking me so much that he can’t control himself.

By this point I was pretty exhausted. I’m not even sure I’ve gotten the sequence right for all of the events, but I think it’s pretty much correct. Even though there weren’t as many guys there as planned I was still sufficiently spent and sore.

For the next week I was sore and moving slowly. My pussy was sore from getting fucked by T – his cock was huge and made quite the impact on my insides. 🙂 I also did get fucked by three men in one night, which was a first for me. My arms were very sore and I spent all day Sunday just sitting around. I couldn’t stand to hold a book or type or do much more than watch television. My knees and the muscles in my chest (the ones you exercise when doing push-ups) were sore for about a week. My pussy lips were tender for a few days, and there was one single bruise on my left breast. None of us could figure out how it got there, but it was probably D that did it. We laughed about that one. It’s a pretty funny conversation when you try to figure out which guy bruised you. lol

So, there you have it, my first gangbang. And yes, I definitely want to do it again. I think I can definitely handle more cocks. I just love cock! Bring ’em on.