Things are back to normal now and I’m feeling better. I was kind of freaked out for a while, but now that I’m back to normal there’s nothing to worry about.

Halloween was fun. We handed out candy to little kids. Our garage was decorated like a spook house and the kids loved it. Well, the parents loved it probably more than they did.

I’ve been bad about posting here, but I haven’t had any fun stories to tell you. I didn’t have sex from Sunday until last night. We usually only go one day without having sex before going crazy so it kind of sucked. [EDIT!!!!!! It was the fact that we hadn’t had sex in a few days that sucked. The sex itself was AWESOME. I wanted to be sure to clarify that the sex was, in fact, extremely satisfying.]

I get to meet D’s new girlfriend tomorrow night. If things go well we might end up all coming back to our place and getting naked. I’m looking forward to at least seeing D again and finally meeting this girl he’s been talking so much about. She lives in New York and has been in town for the past week to visit him.

I’ll let you know how it goes.