do what I did today. The story starts with Friday night. I did not get to meet D’s girlfriend because his grandmother suddenly took a turn for the worse (she’s in a hospice) and he didn’t want to leave his daughter (age 13) home alone when she was so distraught. Then I was chatting with him last night and I offered to drive he and his daughter to the town where his grandmother is. It’s two hours away and D doesn’t have a car (which usually isn’t a problem because there is decent public transportation in our city). He took me up on the offer so today at noon I picked them up and we drove the two hours to this other city.

We chatted pretty easily while his daughter slept in the back seat. When we arrived we stopped first at his mom’s house and I got to meet his mom, sister, and niece. Weird. Then we drove over to the hospice and I got to meet his aunt and some other relative. Weird. Then I waited in the car because I really didn’t want to visit someone else’s dying grandmother.

They were inside for about 90 minutes. I was enjoying the alone time. It was a beautiful day outside so I put the windows down in my car and got some reading done. While they were in there I started to think about how weird this little trip really was. If you think about it in terms of D being one of my friends then it doesn’t seem weird at all. Then when you consider that I met him on a sex personals site, I let him beat me on a regular basis, I’ve very nearly had his fist inside me, I’ve sucked his cock with my husband, I’ve swallowed his cum, licked his balls….and the list continues. When you consider all those things it gets a bit weird. Ok, weird isn’t really the right word because I loved it. Weird means bad I think. I liked the dichotomy of the experience. It made me feel extremely slutty, and those of you who that have been around for awhile know how much I like that feeling. 🙂

On the ride home D and his daughter were kind of sad…..this was probably the last time they’ll see his grandmother so I just put in a CD and we rode in silence for about 30 minutes. The CD was the soundtrack to the movie Pan’s Labyrinth so that sparked a bit of discussion, which morphed and continued all the way home. It was a very pleasant and lively drive because D’s daughter is a charming young lady and asked the cutest questions like, “When you were 13 what did you want to be when you grew up?” She also wanted to know what it felt like to wear contact lenses. That led to a discussion of how bad our eyes are without glasses. D is supposed to wear glasses although he doesn’t wear them. He couldn’t legally drive without them, that’s how bad his eyes are. Then his daughter asked how bad my eyes are and I told her that if I took my glasses off we’d crash. Then D turned to me and said, “Oh, that’s right you can’t see anything without your glasses.” Then silence for a few seconds as I wondered if his daughter had caught that. As far as I know she doesn’t know what kind of friends I am with D. So there’d be no simple reason for him to know that I can’t see without my glasses unless we were “that kind” of friend. You know, the kind that has lots of fun with glasses off……

It was never awkward and I thoroughly enjoyed my day with D and his daughter. It was great to see him with her and how they interact. It gave me a whole new perspective on him. I’m glad his daughter didn’t sleep on the way home, too. Otherewise I might have gone crazy with lust. I was doing some pretty heavy fantasizing during the 30 minutes of silence at the beginning of the drive home. At one point I was adjusting my bra strap and D happened to look over and just stared at my breasts. I looked at him and instead of looking away he just continued to look. That made me feel really good. I could smell him and I just couldn’t think about all the things he’s done to me…. how good they felt. I was so turned on that I could smell myself. I just hope I turned him on as much as he did me.