I love celebrating birthdays and especially my own. Probably seems selfish of me, but yeah, I want everybody to notice me and be nice to me. So, I’ve been heavily hinting to my husband to plan something special for my birthday. It’s on a Friday this year (the 16th) and I took the next day off of work. There’s nothing specific planned yet, and even if we have a party it will probably not be well attended. Most of my friends are in college still and this is a busy time of year. There is a “meet & greet” that weekend so none of our sex friends (except maybe D) can be there.

I just want it to be something easily thrown together that I don’t have to plan or prepare for. Something that just sort of comes together with other people bringing the food and I just show up. That’s the best kind of party. And it would be excellent if everyone went home at a decent hour and D stayed so we could have some fun. That would be a good birthday present.