Well, I’m 30. I wasn’t dreading the milestone until last night at the end of work I realized that I had taught my last lesson of my twenties. That made me feel a bit nostalgic because I’ve been teaching for 12 years, and that’s a lot of lessons!

It’s going to be a good day though. I’m excited. I get to see D tonight. That’s a great birthday present. I do have to spend the morning all alone, but that’s ok. I don’t mind. I’m having lunch with my husband and his co-workers at my favorite place in the town where they work. Then I’m driving to a town an hour away to go to the spa. One of my violin students owns a spa over there and is giving me a free facial and massage for my birthday. Then I’m going out for dinner with my husband then……. my husband will be going to pick up D. I’ll just be waiting for them. I don’t know how I’ll be waiting yet, but it might be tied up (only to some degree, not completly immobilized because it’s foolish to tie someone up when they are alone). I GET TO SEE D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We haven’t fucked since the gangbang, and we haven’t had a regular session since September I think. Part of the reason I’m so excited is because I’ve seen him several times since October 13, but they’ve all been for “normal” things. He came to my students’ recital with his daughter, then I drove him to the airport to pick up his new girlfriend, then I drove he and his daughter to go visit his ailing grandmother. It was mighty frustrating to see him and smell him and not get to do anything fun.

I haven’t blogged for a long time! Oops, sorry about that. This past Tuesday night I saw K again. He’s the one that I sucked and fucked while they put the hitachi on me at that meet & greet I went to with my husband a while back. You know, the one who’s name I didn’t know until after we fucked. So anyway, my husband and I went to a “social” meet & greet, which is just some people from our group hanging out at a bar. I was exhausted after teaching all day, but I agreed to go. I had no idea K would be there because he lives in a town that’s 45 mintues away. But he was there and when he saw me walk in he got up and came to give me a big hug and a little kiss. We sat down and the group had some fun discussions and I had a beer. It was nice to be around people like me for once. I didn’t have to hide that I’m a complete slut. I was yawning away (NOT FROM BOREDOM! I really was tired) after about an hour and needed to go home. My husband and I got up to leave and we hugged the host of the party, then K got up from his seat and came over to me and hugged me and kissed me. He really kissed me. He kissed me like I never get kissed anymore. It was first just a peck on the lips, but he was still holding me close and kissed me again, this time not just a peck – he lingered a bit. Then his lips parted slightly as if waiting for permission to really kiss me. I followed his lead and then I felt his tongue on my lips, and I returned the increasingly passionate kiss. It seemed to go on for a really long time, but in reality it wasn’t horribly inappropriate and other bar-goers didn’t even seem to notice. After we finished kissing we said our goodbyes, and I’m sure it was obvious to him that he’d taken my breath away. At least I know he still wants to see me again! šŸ™‚

I will be sure to let you all know how it goes with D tonight. It will be the best birthday ever!