My birthday was as good as it could possibly be.  I had lunch with my husband and his co-workers.  After lunch I drove to another near-by town to go to the spa.  One of my adult students owns the spa and gave me a free facial and massage for my birthday.  It was very relaxing, but I don’t think I’d ever pay for a facial because the skin on my face looks the same as it did before.

I got home from the spa and my husband was just getting home, too.  We grabbed a quick bite for dinner then I went to pick up D.  We had previously planned for my husband to be the one picking him up, but I guess my husband changed his mind.

 I was feeling nervous like I always do when I get to see D.  I don’t know why though because I’m comfortable with him.  Perhaps the nervous feeling was just excitement.  We got back to the house and went right upstairs.  He set his bag down and turned to me with that look in his eyes that I should fear, but instead I crave. 

He took off my glasses, set them aside, and started kissing me.  It always takes my breath away when he kisses me like that.  After my clothes came off (he remembered about my pants this time! lol) he told me to lay down on the bed on my stomach and he started spanking me.  He never starts slowly – it’s always right at the edge of what I can take from the beginning.  He was a bit more forceful and harsh than he has been before, and I really liked that.  It had been way too long since I had seen him in that context. 

While I was still on my stomach he told to get up on my knees and he started to torture my pussy lips and inner thighs.  I was consumed by a haze of pain, and before I even knew he had paused (I guess to put on a condom) I felt his cock pushing inside of me.  I wish I could experience the way that felt over and over and over again.  That contrast between the hot pain of his hands striking my flesh and then the sweet pleasure of his cock in my pussy is what I need. 

He continued to spank my ass while he fucked me.  I guess I was making a lot of noise because all of a sudden my husband’s cock appeared in front of my face with him saying, “you’re making too much noise,” before he shoved it in my mouth.  I did my best to stop my screams and make sure he liked the way I was sucking him. 

I think D was getting frustrated because he couldn’t get me to cum while he was fucking me.  He stopped fucking me and started fingering my clit and rubbing my g spot.  It took longer than usual with him, but I finally did cum.  Then we took a break. 

 For some reason I’m drawing a blank on the order things happened.  I’ll have to look back through the pictures, but I’ll give you highlights here.

There were lots of clothespins on my pussy lips and on my breasts.  They didn’t even hurt though.  My pain tolerance must have grown a lot since July when he used them on me the first time.  There was some very heavy flogging both with the little stinger flogger and the bigger one.  There was the cake frosting spreader and the wooden spoon.  At one point my husband was holding my pussy lips open so D could hit my clit and inner lips with the wooden spoon.  I almost used my safe word then because it hurt so much I was seeing colors.  Luckily D knew from my panic-filled screams that he should back off from that.  The flogging and beating did bring me to tears during that part of the session, but I had my head buried in a pillow so D probably didn’t know he made me cry. 

Another good part was when I was sucking D’s cock and licking his balls when he shot a huge load in my face.  I’ve never seen him cum so much, and I licked up as much as I could, but some got dried up on my face.  It was kind of comical because I had two facials in one day.  The other funny thing is I had my make-up done at the spa and it was pretty gross – nasty pink eyeshadow and heavy eyeliner with glitter sprinkled on my cheeks.  I guess the make-up artist knew I needed to look like a porn star for the activities I had planned that night.  By the end of the night everything was smeared all over my face, some of it being mixed with cum, and some being messed up from crying.  I looked horrible, but I loved it because of the reason.

Let’s see….what else happened……  My husband and I did suck D’s cock together for a little bit.  Then after that D was basically sitting on my neck/chest and wrapping my tits around his cock.  He was really grabbing my tits hard – hard enough to hurt really badly.  I found out later that my husband had actually asked him to bruise my tits.  I guess he’s come around to liking seeing me marked up by another man.  But alas, my tits are not bruised, but they should have been from what they endured throughout the night. 

While D was sitting on me, my husband came over and started fucking me.  It was heavenly to feel his cock inside me after everything else that night.  I don’t know what it is, but his cock must be the perfect shape for my pussy and I cum so easily with him inside me.  No other cock has that effect on me.  So, I came with D’s balls in my mouth.  It was awesome.  🙂  Then my husband shot his load inside me even though he had planned on shooting in my face and on my tits.  But I guess the sight of his wife cumming with another man’s balls in her mouth was too much for him and he just had to cum.

 All in all it was a very fun session.  I think that my tolerance for pain has increased a lot because I don’t think I could have taken the beating I got on Friday back in July when we started all of this.  My goal now is to get D to take me even further and make me feel like I’m broken and can’t endure any more.  I want that so bad.