I woke up Saturday morning moving a little slowly.  I was vaguely sore all over.  My breasts were a little tender, my ass was a bit sore, my stomach muscles were sore, my pussy lips and clit were sensitive.  I had to clean up the house for the party that night so I lazed around with my husband most of the day then with two hours until the party started we cleaned up.  Everything was ready in plenty of time and I was looking fucking hot!

I wore a sexy little dress that is seriously tight and revealing on the top – my breasts were displayed nicely.  I wore no panties and some hot shoes.  I didn’t really need to dress that sexily for a party in my own house, but boy did my husband enjoy it.  Actually, I think all the guys that came over enjoyed it (and a few of the girls, too).  🙂

 It was a fun party and I got completely WASTED!  At the end of the night only one person was left – you know, that friend of mine who never knows when to leave a party.  We were watching some television show that we get on Showtime on demand that she absolutely loves.  I think it was called Weeds or something.  Anyway, my husband had pulled out one of my tits and was rubbing and sucking on the nipple.  I was too drunk to tell him to stop.  It just felt so fucking good.  Then I wasn’t feeling so hot and had to go pass out.  Problem was, everything was spinning (and not even in control!!! lol) so it took me a long time to fall asleep.  My husband was a sweetheart and took care of me, bringing me water and ibuprofren, etc.

 I’m 30, but I don’t feel any different.  I feel better now than I did when I turned 25.  I think it’s the sex.