K’s cock is amazing.  In other news, I had my first solo experience at the person’s house.  Also in other news, there is a cock that can make me cum all by itself that doesn’t belong to my husband.

 I arrived at K’s house at about 6:00 tonight.  He had just returned from hunting for deer out in the countryside.  He lives out in the middle of nowhere on a road with several other houses.  His is a little log cabin – well not little, but it was much smaller than the other houses in the area.

I stepped into his cozy house and before the door was even shut behind me he kissed me.  This man has a way of taking my breath away when he kisses me.  I was so glad he started things out that way.  My arousal was instant: hard nipples, wet pussy, warm clit. 

After I shed my coat and bag he took the time to show me around his amazing house.  The tour ended in the living room and there was only one tiny instant of an awkward moment before he pulled me close and started kissing me more passionately than before.  His hand moved to my breast and he grabbed it lightly through my clothes before moving under my shirt to touch my stomach.  His hands were cold and it felt amazing.  His hand expertly reached behind me and unfastened my bra so quickly I didn’t notice what he did until I felt his hands on my bare breasts.  He kissed me again while his fingers began to pinch my nipples lightly at first then harder.  Every time he squeezed my nipple it shot straight through me to my clit. 

He pulled my shirt and bra up over my head and dropped them on the floor next to us.  My skirt followed shortly, but before he pulled my panties down he asked me a question.  His eyes met mine and he said, “Can I take down your panties?”  OH WOW!   That was so hot I could barely answer, but I managed to reply in the affirmative.

After my panties came off he started fingering my clit while kissing me.  I was getting close to cumming when he stopped.  I immediately pulled his shirt off of him and ran my hands down his chest to pull down his shorts so I could grab his cock.  While he was kissing me and touching me before I could feel his cock getting hard against my leg.  It was a little hard when I finally got my hands on it, but I had the pleasure of feeling this most beautiful cock grow bigger and bigger as I touched him. 

We went to the bedroom next and we stood and kissed some more while I stroked him.  He laid down on the bed and I immediately took his cock in my mouth.  I can’t say it enough; this man’s cock is amazing.  It’s very long and very thick.  It was so thick I couldn’t even get enough of it into my mouth to actually gag on it.  Yeah, it was that big.  Even though it was huge I still enjoyed sucking it.  It got nice and hard for me, and even bigger still until it was at full erection.  I was sucking him faster and faster and using my hand to stroke the shaft.  I could tell he was getting close to cumming, and I almost wanted to see how long it would take to get him there.  I say almost because I really needed him inside me at that point.  There was nothing else on my mind than feeling him stretch me open and shove his cock deep inside me.  Because I didn’t know if he was a repeat or a single shot I couldn’t risk getting him off if he wouldn’t be able to regain his erection.  Luckily, he stopped me after a bit.  Seems he didn’t want to cum just yet either.

I’m getting really tired, and I still need to get fucked again….writing this much has made me extremely horny.  I’ll leave you with the beginning to part two:

Next, he asked me, “would you like to ride it?” 

I won’t tell you how I replied until I write the next part.  You’ll just have to come back to see it!!!!!  As usual, comments on this post will help to motivate me to finish up.

Stay tuned.