Ok, so it’s pouring rain outside. Unfortunately I live in an area of the world where it is not supposed to rain in December. I’m never going to be used to rain in December. Actually, this storm is probably going to be very bad for me. You see, I teach music lessons as my main source of income. When the weather is bad I don’t get paid. Not only do I not get paid, but I still have to pay rent on my teaching studio. To all the parents out there: If you have enough money to be paying for your child to have lessons please have pity on the poor musician teaching your child and pay them even when there are circumstances out of their control.

I guess I’m just bitter that I will NEVER have the luxury of paid vacation days. There is not a job out there for me (playing in an orchestra, freelance gigs, lesson teaching, college teaching) where I get to take a day off when I feel like it. Now don’t tell me that summers are my time off because I teach a hell of a lot during the summers. Basically all year round if I’m not performing I’m teaching 6 days a week.

I would not, however, change my career in any way. Weighing the pros and cons I always come out on top of things in my opinion. I will always get paid to do what I love. Even if I have to put up with bad students (which are mainly the result of bad parents) I love what I do.

Ok, so this is the rambling of an insomniac music teacher. Can’t sleep because it’s raining in fucking DECEMBER.

Here’s some more rambling. I have been masturbating whenever I get the chance this past week or so. I’m just horny all the time, and there isn’t any prospect of extra dick until after New Year’s so I’ve just had to make do with masturbating. I think I’m wearing out my husband because we’ve had sex every day for a lot of days in a row. We rarely go more than one day without anyway. He’s not complaining though. He loves being married to a slut. He was fucking me tonight (about 30 minutes ago in fact) and I came right away after only a few minutes. So I decided to see how fast I could make him cum. I made some sexy moaning noises he likes, and then pulled out my best move. I told him that when I’m in Vegas this weekend I’m going to be on the lookout for a cock to suck. He blew instantly. I’m that good.

I’m off to Vegas on Friday. More about that later. Believe me…there will be no “fun” on this trip. I’m sharing a hotel room with my brother. Enough said.

I’m going to try to sleep again…. But first I would like to request something from my kick ass readers. The blog reached 40,000 visitors over its lifespan today. I’d like anyone who is interested to write a fantasy for or about me that I can use while masturbating. I need some new material, and I’d like to see what you all can come up with. Send them to my email: spin nin g mia at gmail dot com. Take out the spaces, etc. I’ll post anything good that I get so get writing!!!!