will have to stay in Vegas.  At least until I get back.  I decided not to bring my laptop with me.  It’s heavy, and it costs $12 a day to get internet in the hotel.  My brother is bringing his so if you leave comments I’ll be able to read them in email, but I won’t be able to access the blog.  I don’t really want him to know about this blog.  I’m sure you understand why.

I’ll be there until Wednesday night.  I’m eagerly awaiting further fantisies.  The one I got from Pete was beautiful.  I’ll write a post about it when I get back.  King Shocka and Trueself, both of those sound absolutely great.  I can’t wait to read them. 

 And PLEASE everybody leave comments.  I’ll be with my parents and brother on this trip.  I will need the comments to make my sanity come back.

I promise I’ll be back asap!