Hello everyone. I missed all of you. I think this was the longest I’ve ever gone without access to a computer. It was kind of torture.

I got home on Wednesday night, and to say I was exhausted is an understatement. The only thing on my mind was getting fucked then going to bed. So that’s exactly what happened. I can’t even tell you how horny I was. I don’t recommend going to Vegas with family when you are sharing a room with your brother. No privacy makes for a very horny Mia. I noticed this last year when my husband and I went together, but Vegas makes me horny. All the beautiful people walking around, the massive amounts of cleavage shown, the decadent atmoshpere….all add up to make me think about sex all the time.

One thing I hate about spending a lot of time around big crowds of people is I got sick. I’m sure it was from all the slot machines I played or using a public restroom or stupid people coughing on me without covering their mouths. But I have a bad cold and can’t breathe through my nose. That makes for miserable sleeping. The worst thing about being this congested is it’s difficult to suck cock. Poor husband. All I could think about on the plane ride home was his cock and getting it in my mouth, but when it came time I couldn’t go for very long because I had to hold my breath while doing it. It’s not very sexy when I keep gasping for air and coughing in between sucks.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for the frozen northland. We’ll be there until at least the 26th or 27th. We haven’t decided when to come home. It depends on how well-behaved my family is. I always dread travelling to ND, but this time I have absolutely no desire to go there for Christmas. I’d rather stay here and have a nice week alone with my husband. However, family duty prevails and I’ll just have to suck it up. It pisses me off that the largest bedroom in my parents’ house is still full of my little sister’s crap. She hasn’t lived there in years, but my mom let her keep it as “her room” until she got married. Well, she’s married and I’ll still have to look at all her old prom pictures, etc that are up all over the room. At least my husband and I get to sleep in that room. We’re there the longest. My sister is already there, but her husband isn’t coming until the 25th. Plus, I’m the oldest and I get to assert my authority over my younger siblings. Ok, not really, but I do like to think that they listen to me occasionally.

Ok, so what did I do on my trip? A lot. I arrived on Friday night ready to party. There is something weird about travelling by myself. I always think I won’t know what to do, but then it ends up just being easier. Nobody else to look after or worry about. I had never taken a cab by myself before (can you tell I’ve not spent a lot of time in cities?!) so that was a bit worrisome. But, there was no problem. My cab driver was hilarious. He kept swearing at the traffic and apologizing for it taking a long time. He got me to the Rio in no time. I paid him and gave him a big tip because he was so nice to me. I walked inside the hotel and there were my parents and brother waiting for me. My parents kind of freaked out because they were so excited. My brother and I just sort of looked at them like they were idiots. Pretty much the status quo for my family. I dumped my luggage in the room and we walked back down to put my parents in a cab (it was already way past their bedtime and they were staying at the Las Vegas Hilton). My brother and I went over to Ceasar’s Palace to do a little gambling before bed. He played 3 card poker and I tried to lose as slowly as possible on the slot machines so that I wouldn’t be bored waiting for him. I have no illusions of winning anything gambling so I look at it like it’s a video game. I find the least expensive game to play to pass the time. I didn’t win anything that night, but my $5 was well spent. My brother, who came to Vegas with a bankroll of almost $4,000, won $600 that night. His mother-in-law pretty much pays all of their bills so he doesn’t have to worry about saving money like that. Must be nice.

We caught the free shuttle back to the Rio, did a bit more gambling, then grabbed some burgers at the cafe there. After we ate I was exhausted and went to bed. My brother went to play poker somewhere and got back to the room at 4am. His sleep schedule is a bit different than us normal people. He works at a pizza place that closes at 3am so he basically keeps the same schedule as someone who works nights.

The next day we got up and were going to meet my dad in the morning. My mom was in Vegas for a conference so she was supposed to be there all day. Unfortunately, my brother didn’t wake up until 11am so by the time we got to the Hilton my mom was already done with the conference stuff. She’d left early to be able to spend more time with us. I’d rather have spent time with just my dad, but oh well.

The four of us took the monorail to the MGM Grand and looked around there for a bit. That’s where I stayed last year with my husband so I showed them around. Next we walked down the strip and crossed the street to the Monte Carlo. We gambled there for a bit. I played nickel video poker and increased my initial $5 to over $10. Not bad at all.

After that we walked to the Bellagio and gambled a bit. We all four sat down and a row of “penny” slot machines. None of us played max bet, but instead we were betting one cent per line for a total of $.20 a spin. I did rather well and won a few bucks. The rest of them did about the same.

After the Bellagio we went back across the street to Planet Hollywood (formerly the Aladdin). We gambled a bit more then decided we neede to eat. Unfortunately it was officially dinner time and there were millions of little girls in town for the cheerleading competition all over that place so we decided to ditch out of there and head to the Stratosphere instead.

We grabbed a cab at the Paris and arrived at the Stratosphere. We ate at the food court and bought tickets to go up the tower. We spent about 20 minutes just looking at the glittering lights before heading back down to the casino floor. We played the slots again while my brother played roulette. I got bored with losing money so I went to go watch him. He decided I needed to give it a try and gave me $50 to play with. I won some and lost some and ended up losing half of his money. But it was the first time I’d ever played roulette. And it will probably be the last unless I come to Vegas with a huge amount of money. You can lose fast playing table games.

After we all cashed out we got into another cab and headed downtown to Freemont street…….

This is getting long. I’ll continue more later.