and my whole world turned upside down. Not literally, but that’s what it felt like. I’ve been sick since I got back from Vegas. My ears never popped after landing back home from Vegas, then I got sick and they both filled up a few days ago. Then tonight I blew my nose and my ear kind of started to pop or clear and suddenly the whole room seemed to turn upside down. If my husband hadn’t been in the next room and heard me gasp I might have hit my head as I fell to the ground. I guess maybe my cold is a little more severe than just a little cold. I’m terrified that I have an ear infection. Nothing scares me more than injuring my hearing.

So now, I’m a gimp and we decided to leave not at 5am tomorrow as originally planned, but rather at 10am and stay in a hotel 2/3 of the way home. We got a good deal on a boutique hotel so it should at least be pleasant.

We’ll get home sometime Sunday night. I feel like crap and probably shouldn’t be typing on a computer cause it’s makin me dizzy.

Why can’t travelling here ever be easy!?!!