So, I’ve been re-arranging my office all morning.  Last night my husband and I moved the furniture and now I’ve been dealing with the aftermath – loading the new bookshelf, cleaning out the file cabinet, deciding how I want my desk, etc.  I am doing all of this with the goal of actually writing my damned dissertation this semester.   I have finished some of the organizing, but the bed is still covered in crap.  And what am I going to to with this aloe plant?  It’s pretty much the only plant I’ve ever kept alive for any length of time, and now I don’t have a place near the window for it.  Maybe it will finally die. Oh, and I’m horny, but I have to go work now.  That’s going to be my life for the next 4 months if I actually go through with my plan to finish my paper.  I will work all morning at home or the library, then go teach until 8:30 then collapse.  Doesn’t leave much time for sex…..someone shoot me now.