Last night I finally got to see D again.  It has been a little over two months since I last saw him.  This time was the best yet.  I’m completely sore and am moving slowly today.  My breasts are covered in bruises.  I won’t be having pain free sex for probably a week.  And I couldn’t be happier. I made my husband go pick D up without me.  They came upstairs and we got started.  D took off my glasses and kissed me.  He kissed my lips and neck and chest then pulled my shirt down and started on my breasts.  He was all over my breasts right away.  He was pinching and slapping and generally torturing them – all before my clothes even came off.  Once my clothes did come off I noticed that there was already a large bruise forming on my left breast.  That’s when I knew this was going to be an intense night.  

With my clothes on the floor he kept torturing my breasts and finally pushed me down on the bed on all fours and started in on my ass.  He spanked me I think harder than he has before.  I was doing my best to “endure” without making too much noise, but I’m a screamer.  My husband kept shushing me, which I found incredibly hot.  He got out the big flogger and I was in heaven.  I love that thing.  It is so heavy that when he hits me hard it moves my whole body.  I love the thud.  I think he was throwing his whole body into it last night, too.  After a while with the big flogger he grabbed my arch-nemesis, the little stinger flogger.  That thing hurts like hell.  It’s harder for me to take, too.  He worked on my ass and back then flipped me over and started in on my inner thighs and eventually my tits.  That little flogger on my already bruised tits was really intense.  I loved it (and hated it!).            

He grabbed some more stuff from his bag and came back to the bed and started putting clothespins on my tits.  He arranged them in a straight line across my entire tit (would have been parallel with the floor if I had been standing).  These actually hurt this time.  Not that they were any different than before, but my tits already hurt when he put them on, plus he left them on for a lot longer.  He used the little stinger flogger on my clipped tits and I almost stopped him it hurt so badly.  Luckily that had gotten him so horny he just had to fuck me.  This was the first time he’s fucked me with me on my back.  Every other time it’s been from behind.  I think he decided to keep me on my back so he could continue to torture my tits.  He was using his hands to swat my tits while he fucked me.  It was really hot.            

Next he put on a rubber glove and grabbed some lube and started working his hand all the way inside my pussy.  We’ve tried fisting twice before and have never been able to get it all the way in.  Last night was no different, but I think it was closer than ever before.  I still can’t believe I like fisting (or I guess in my case almost fisting).  Just the thought of it totally grossed me out before, but once I tried it I love it.  The sensations of having his hand that far inside me are just indescribable.  He’s touched parts of me that nobody else has.  To my husband’s deep disappointment his hands are just way too large to even try fisting.  D’s hands are a lot narrower…..A LOT.  While D was working on getting inside all the way inside my pussy, my husband was feeding me his cock from above and flicking the clothespins still on my tits.   I had several absolutely intense orgasms with D’s hand up inside me.  They were the kind where my whole body shakes uncontrollably.  All he had to do was nudge my clit a few times and it would send me over the edge.  I have no idea how many times I came, but it was a lot.  I can’t even imagine how good it would feel to actually have him all the way in. After the attempted fisting he fucked me a little more….I can’t imagine he could even feel the sides of my pussy after that.  The clothespins came off next along with a lot of pain!!!  : )  Then D switched places with my husband and fed me his cock while my husband fucked me.  That hurt.  My husband is significantly wider than D and my pussy was already really sore.  I kept sucking D’s cock even after my husband pulled out (I think he didn’t want to cum yet).  I sucked and licked D’s cock and balls until he shot his load all over my face and tits.    Then we took a break.  I’ll continue this later!  I promise!